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The most detailed reporting you’ve ever seen.

See where your leads slip off, what message copy performs better, what’s the current stage of every lead, how each account performs compared to the others & more.

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"Life-saver for Agencies"

Heyreach have actually reached a wonderful balance of being able to give you speed, great features, brilliant reporting, dashboard as well, and the ability for agency owners like myself to be able to run campaigns at which we know the tool will then just carry on and take care of whilst we walk away and work on day to day stuff.

Effie Moss

CEO @ Boost Agency

Overall team’s performance

See how your whole team performs, what’s their acceptance & reply rates, all sequences’ & accounts’ performance - in one detailed dashboard.

Detailed campaign performance

Complete snapshot of the campaign’s performance in real-time. Everything you might be interested in to - a click away from you.

Sequence in-depth overview

Measure how each step in your sequence performs, where your leads are slipping & where exactly is every lead within the flow.

A/B message copy performance

A-Z test your messages & connection notes.  Measure and compare their performance, and reuse the better-performing message copies.


LinkedIn accounts performance

Compare how each of the sending accounts is performing within a campaign, and get valuable insights.

The stage of each lead - at your fingertips

Track where exactly is every lead in your sequence, what’s the last action performed on them, and what’s their engagement status (Awaiting reply, already replied, etc.)

Track literally everything. All possible insights.

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