Why 3600+ people ❤️ HeyReach

Ramzi Malas

Founder @ Lux

As a sales team of about 10 individuals, we used to face a lot of time-consuming problems with other LinkedIn automation tools. However, Heyreach helped us substantially increase the number of accounts we're using for outreach, making us a lot more efficient and resulting in more appointments on the books.

Tom Fisher

Owner @ GoatOutreach

It is a massive, massive game changer for us. And there are a number of reasons why being able to pull data off via Sales Navigator, quickly and efficiently is a massive, massive win, I can run some extraction of data, and it will take five minutes to go and get a list of two and a half hours and prospects.

Davis Lejnieks

Reddit Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

The platform itself as seen in the beta, already gives so many tools and possibilities. Actually gets my heart pumping because it's not only a single profile, you can actually add different profiles to it. You can actually create awesome workflows.

Darko Davkovski

Owner & COO @ NextSales LLC

The thing that I like is that you have the ability to connect multiple accounts to the same campaign, and this will allow us to truly scale outreach without the risk of getting our accounts suspended. So this is I believe, a huge value point and a huge value proposition for us as an agency.

Effie Moss

CEO @ Boost Agency

Heyreach have actually reached a wonderful balance of being able to give you speed, great features, brilliant reporting, dashboard as well, and the ability for agency owners like myself to be able to run campaigns at which we know the tool will then just carry on and take care of whilst we walk away and work on day to day stuff.


Quality all the way.

You have a great product and team, you took the professional approach and were rewarded. Wish you future success, keep supporting early adopters and you will fly.

Jun 18, 2023


Stop reading and go get it.

This is a good one. Multiple accounts. Multiple campaigns. Unified inbox. Search then add to a List. Then visually create a campaign and select the list you just created. Stop wasting time. This is the one.

Jun 18, 2023


Automation is amazing

I just launched my first campaign. The tool is easy to set up compared to waalaxy. I was using waalaxy in the past. Heyreach has excellent potential, but hoping that my account won't get banned. I was on the fence about buying this tool only for that reason🤞🏽. Otherwise, it's a powerful LinkedIn automation tool.

Jun 15, 2023


Powerful automation tool

Essential software for any industry as outreach is critical in getting more leads that need to be clients. Supportive and responsive customer support. A key tool for businesses and startup's survival, longevity and being able to identify and connect to opportunities as they arise.

Jun 15, 2023


Excellent product for increasing outreach

As a local digital marketing agency owner looking to expand internationally, I considered using the HeyReach platform when they appeared to increase our reach and extract leads from LinkedIn. Having the deal on Appsummo accelerated my decision. HeyReach allows you to connect multiple LinkedIn profiles, extract up to 1,000 leads per search, and obtain high-quality leads. HeyReach works with free LinkedIn and Sales Navigator accounts, allowing you to use multiple accounts. I am satisfied until now. We will go deep into the options provided by the team.

Jun 15, 2023


Great Product

Easy to use and Setup, Highly Recommend this tool, this will help massively.

Jun 14, 2023


B2b lead gen more easier

Love this software! This help b2b lead gen more easier .

Jun 14, 2023


HeyReach does what it promises.

A friend recently introduce me to social selling outreach using Linkedin and that is why I stumbled upon HeyReach. The tool does what it promises and as I have seen the roadmap, it looks more promising. I just bought this tool yesterday, ran my first campaign, and I already got 2 customers. I am fully supporting this product for sure.

Jun 12, 2023