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Lux Sales Consulting - An Agency managing 50+ LinkedIn profiles

Nikola Velkovski
January 16, 2024
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Meet Lux Sales Consulting, the rockstar consulting agency helping financial service professionals thrive with their very own outbound lead generation system. They are a company of 75+ people, with a sales team of 10+ professionals managing 50 LinkedIn profiles in HeyReach.

But let's talk real talk. You know what used to bug the heck out of Ramzi? The whole song and dance of adding accounts one by one, juggling campaigns, and diving into a sea of inboxes. Imagine switching between 50+ LinkedIn inboxes, replying to prospects, tracking everything manually... Time sucker alert! Then along came HeyReach, our game-changer.

HeyReach didn't just turn the ship around; it threw it into turbo mode. Ramzi's LinkedIn outreach struggles? Poof, gone. The result? Streamlined, scaled, and super-charged outreach

How has HeyReach improved your sales process?

HeyReach has significantly enhanced my team's processes and boosted our productivity. Since using the platform, we have experienced a substantial increase in the number of outreach accounts we manage. Previously, we had around 15-20 accounts, but now we handle approximately 40-60 accounts, and we aim to further expand that number each month.

This heightened efficiency has resulted in a greater number of appointments booked, which has contributed to our overall success.

HeyReach allows you to connect unlimited number of LinkedIn in a bulk.
All of the LinkedIn accounts get dedicated local IP address (195+ countries and regions supported) or an option for adding a custom proxy.
PS: You can invite unlimited number of team mates to manage those accounts. We don’t charge per a team mate - we only charge per LinkedIn account.

What’s your favorite thing about HeyReach?

One of the standout features I appreciate about HeyReach is its master inbox (the unified inbox), which allows me to view all my messages in one centralized place. It saves me time from navigating through individual accounts one by one. Additionally, I find the webhooks integrations to be highly valuable. Since I use my own CRM, I can seamlessly integrate it with HeyReach, enhancing our workflow.

HeyReach’s unified inbox allows you to see all of the conversations from all connected LinkedIn accounts, centralized in one place. No need to login or re-login from LinkedIn accounts, or managing separate inboxes. Also, HeyReach’s unified inbox allows you to filter out by campaign, leads who are awaiting your reply, add tags, export leads and conversations in your CRM (natively, not through Zapier), add leads to sub-sequences, and much more.

Anything to share with the HeyReach community?

If you're using LinkedIn automation to secure appointments, HeyReach is the way to go. It covers all the key aspects we discussed earlier, and considering its cost, it offers exceptional value.

The system's efficiency is top-notch, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. As someone who fully supports and advocates for the system, I encourage anyone who's considering it to join without hesitation.