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How Linkunity booked 55 meetings using LinkedIn outreach

Ilija Stojkovski
June 7, 2024
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Struggling to scale LinkedIn outreach and get results that are ROI positive? I’ve been there.

What would’ve made my life a whole lot easier is if somebody gave me relevant, real-life examples that crushed it, showed me how they did it, and gave me some template inspiration.

Precisely what I’d love to do today. I’m gonna show you a real example from one of HeyReach’s clients that achieved this:

  • 55 meetings booked
  • 26% reply rate
  • Scaled ops by auto-rotating multiple LinkedIn accounts
  • Segmented campaigns for 3 different markets without any headaches

No broad intros, no fluff, just value. Do tell me if I delivered on my promise. Let’s dig in!

Linkedin outreach campaign for real estate agents 

In this section, I’ll walk you step-by-step through what the Linkunity team did and how they hit a 26% reply rate, what templates they used, and how they overcame their LinkedIn outreach challenges.

As business specialists in lead gen, they understood the challenges of reaching prospects in a very competitive market. Together with their real estate client, they had a clear objective for how many leads they wanted to generate in 3-5 weeks.

For Linkunity, the major challenge with LinkedIn outreach was threefold:

  1. Segment LinkedIn campaigns across their key markets in Dubai, UK, and Germany
  2. Safely scale campaigns by leveraging multiple senders
  3. Set up sharp reporting and one clean inbox for all replies (e.g. ability to reply on behalf of others to stay efficient)

As the campaigns between different target markets were fairly similar (only small, local details changed), you’ll see their Dubai sequence from start to bottom.

Their key objective was to generate more real estate leads. The approach used in the campaign was direct and personalized, focusing on establishing a connection with potential partners and highlighting the benefits of collaboration.

Here’s how the campaign was set up:

linkedin for real estate agents

After sales prospecting and filtering out qualified leads, the first step was to send a connection request. Leave the connection message field empty because it tends to be the best practice. Goes without saying, guys at Linkunity optimized and used real LinkedIn profiles for credibility purposes.

The acceptance rate was 36%. Meaning, more than a third accepted connecting with them.

They’ve also left a window of 20 days for leads to accept the connection request. In case they don’t, leads are removed from the campaign.

In a real estate outreach campaign, timing is everything. Once a lead accepts a connection request, they will get a message within three hours. According to Linkunity's team, due the effort they’ve invested in qualifying leads prior to sending the campaign, they wanted to ensure that they engage with leads as early as possible because their interest could already be warm.

Once a lead accepts the connection request, their LinkedIn outreach message number 1 is delivered: 


If there is ever a time when your client is interested in real estate in Dubai, we're here to help you get the most out of the deal :) 

We have a referral partnership program for agents, agencies, and professionals from other fields that can bring you additional income.

We're an award-winning top-10 real estate agency based in Dubai. Our team works with the largest real estate developers in the region, and we have over 11,000 unique listings in our database. This allows us to fulfill any real estate need that your clients may have.

In summary, if you have a client who is interested in buying property, you can refer them to us, and if the deal is successful, we pay you 30% of our commission.

Would you be interested in learning more about our partnership program?

If the prospect answers this message, the campaign is over. But, If the prospect doesn’t answer, they send a follow-up message. Here is how the campaign flows. 

Hello again, FIRST NAME! I hope you're well.  

I'm wondering if you had a chance to review the information that I sent you previously.

It's worth noting that with 8 years of experience in the market, we understand better than anyone how to increase the profitability of our partnership in the real estate industry.

We've built a strong relationship with the top developers in Dubai, which allows us to make a unique offer for our partners. 

You don't need to wait for the developer to transfer the funds, as we will pay 30% of your commission within 7 days of signing the deal using our "Instant Payment" system.

If you are interested, I can provide more details about the scope and potential of our partnership. Would you like to discuss it further?

Afterward, the same tactic is repeated for messages 3 and 4: 

linkedin for real estate agents

Here you can find the third template.

Hi again, FIRST NAME! Apparently, you've had a lot of work. Please, reply whenever convenient for you :)

In the meantime, I wanted to share our recent case, where an agent from another agency in Dubai couldn't find the right apartment for their client, so they passed the request to us. Leveraging our extensive catalog, we found the perfect option and closed the deal at the MBL Royal project within a month. We paid out 30% of the total commission to our partner. In total, the additional income of our partner amounted to 3% of the property value: 1,700,000 AED for simply referring a client.

Would you like to take a look at our projects?

And finally, step 4.

Hello again, FIRST NAME. We couldn't get in touch :)

Please, let me know if the topic of our conversation isn't relevant for you at the moment, so I won't disturb you.

Or is it that you're currently occupied with other tasks, and it might be better for me to contact you later?

Let’s take a look at their results:

  • 55 meetings booked
  • 26% reply rate
  • 36% acceptance rate
  • 5 LinkedIn accounts used in rotation
linkedin for real estate agents


This was their Dubai campaign only. If you add equally successful Germany and UK campaigns, the story becomes even more interesting.

Now, for the fun part. Why was this campaign able to hit such numbers? Let’s do a tactical breakdown about the moves they made:

Message #1 has 3 compelling reasons why it worked so well:

  1. Considering the nature of their target audience and good lead research before sending anything, they could be more direct and more sales-y. Hence why a few mentions of “we” worked without any friction.
  2. Linkunity dedicated an entire paragraph, that’s well structured, to establish their credibility. It’s always important that leads feel like they’re talking to someone who understands the game and has a good track record
  1. CTA is all about what their audience wants - a generous referral program from a reputable company

When we take follow-up messages into considerations, they played it smart too:

  1. Follow-up #1 is a short version of the first email but with a twist. They back up their generous referral program with fast payments - direct ROI for their lead
  2. Follow-up #2 represents a relevant and relatable example that shows steps to success, and adding more credibility on top of it. Probably the best way to generate real estate leads
  3. Final follow-up #3 is a break-up message variation where they nudge the prospect one more time before the campaign is over in a polite way

All CTAs in their messaging are direct, without feeling that pushy thanks to the nature of emails and the time they spent qualifying prospects in the first place.

How to replicate this approach

To replicate this specific approach, be sure to do the following:

  • Personalize greetings and tailor the message to the recipient's industry and interests
  • Focus on the benefit you offer the recipient, not just your company
  • Make it easy for the recipient to respond with a simple question or request for more information.
  • Pack your messages with relevant examples, evidence of your work in a specific industry, and don’t forget to follow up multiple times

All that’s left to do then is to track your results and make necessary adjustments based on data.

By incorporating these strategies, you can craft effective LinkedIn outreach messages that will resonate with your target audience and generate more engagement and leads.

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Wrapping up

Hats off for these killer results! LinkedIn for realtors mastered, in the bag, done! 🎉👏

The success of this campaign lies in an efficient approach to LinkedIn outreach. With a personalized messages approach, timed follow-ups, and strategic use of connection requests they were able to get leads attention and engage with them effectively. 

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