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Best LinkedIn Outreach Message for Lead Gen Agencies

Nikola Velkovski
April 10, 2024
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Looking for the best LinkedIn outreach message for your lead generation agency? This guide will teach you how to craft messages that resonate with your audience, turning cold outreach into warm conversations and connections. 

We'll share three top-performing campaign examples from our users, complete with actionable tips, so your LinkedIn outreach agency can improve its strategy immediately. 

By analyzing what works, you’ll learn how to make your messages stand out, encourage replies, and build meaningful relationships with prospects and leads.

Best LinkedIn Outreach Message [3 Agency Examples]

Discover the best LinkedIn outreach message that can transform your agency's approach to networking. We'll explore three agency campaigns that have nailed their outreach, providing actionable examples to inspire and refine your strategy. 

1. Bridger’s EN - Deeploi Product Manager Campaign

Company Name - Bridger
LinkedIn Account - Daniel Ringbeck

Bridger launched a targeted LinkedIn campaign to recruit the best product managers in the EN market. The approach was direct: share a comprehensive job description link and engage prospects interested in further details like salary expectations or remote work opportunities. The prospect list, sourced from a third-party recruiter CRM, was uploaded to HeyReach via the CSV import method, targeting individuals marked as open to work.

Campaign results:

  • LinkedIn accounts used: 2
  • Acceptance rate: 52.30%
  • Reply rate: 49.30%
  • Interested candidates: 30
  • Presented to client: 20
  • Interviewed: 15
  • Intro to client: 8

Templates used for the campaign:

Connection request: Blank with no message

Follow-up template: 

Thank you for accepting the contact request, {FIRST_NAME}. 

Your profile could be a great match for one of our most exciting clients who is currently looking to fill a Product Manager position:

Sounds interesting? Please share your boundary conditions with us and book a call with the account using the link in the job description.

During your call, you can discuss the role in detail, and we answer all your questions.

Have a nice day

Follow-up template 2: 

I just wanted to check in and see if you had a chance to look at the short pitch, {FIRST_NAME}.

How do we want to proceed?

Follow-up template 3: 


Apparently, my timing is not right right now. 

That's too bad, but maybe we'll have a chance to exchange ideas later. 

If I can be of any other help, feel free to reach out to me. 

Many greetings 

Key observations:

  • Bridger focused on people actively looking for jobs, which made them more likely to respond. This smart choice led to a high acceptance rate of 52.30%, demonstrating the effectiveness of tailoring outreach to prospects’ current status on LinkedIn. It used multiple LinkedIn accounts to send messages at scale and reach more prospects, but by following the platform’s rules and never getting flagged.
  • The campaign’s messages were straightforward, starting with an invitation to explore a job position. This clear and direct method resulted in a 49.30% reply rate, showing prospects were interested. The very nature of this campaign allowed such a straightforward approach.
  • Bridger was making the receiver feel valued. By addressing prospects by name and inviting them to discuss their potential role in detail, the campaign fostered a sense of personal connection and trust, evidenced by 30 interested candidates and 8 final introductions to the client.

How to replicate:

  1. Start by targeting LinkedIn users who have indicated they are open to new opportunities. This group is already in the mindset to engage, increasing your chances of getting a response.
  2. Your LinkedIn cold outreach message should be direct and to the point. Introduce the opportunity clearly in your first follow-up message. Transparency shows that you respect the prospect's time and directly align with their interests.
  3. Use the recipient's name and reference specific details relevant to them or the opportunity. The personal touch makes a big difference in response rates.
  4. Once you've established contact, keep the conversation focused on how the opportunity fits their needs and experiences. Encourage prospects to share their criteria for a new role and use this as a springboard for deeper engagement.
  5. Not everyone will respond immediately. Send a couple of follow-up messages spaced out over time.
  6. Use a LinkedIn outreach tool that allows you to move fast → Bridger uses HeyReach to import leads from different sources quickly and build smart automated sequences with different actions (LinkedIn invites, profile views, post likes, and messages)

2. Ghostify’s Gabrielle Preston Banks Campaign

Company Name: Ghostify
Contact Name: Josh Holt

Ghostify launched a LinkedIn campaign aimed at UK-based Directors, focusing on those in need of mindset mastery. By using the "Posted on LinkedIn" filter for list-building, they targeted active users for warm introductions and network building. The campaign offered a complimentary 1:1 discovery call to help potential clients overcome personal blockages and achieve significant professional growth.

Campaign results:

  • LinkedIn accounts used: 10
  • Acceptance rate: 37.20%
  • Reply rate: 25.80%
  • Interested individuals: 47
  • Meetings confirmed: 12
  • Meetings booked: 4

Templates used for the campaign:

Connection request: Blank with no messageFollow-up template:

{FIRST_NAME}, was curious – what would it mean to you to achieve Mindset Mastery? 

I ask because there’s one MAJOR cognitive shift high-level executives are making –

And it’s clearing their minds of…

…and blockages,

So they can start to make REAL progress towards their goals…

Look {FIRST_NAME}, If you could achieve radical change in just ONE session… 

Would you be willing to place that bet on yourself? 

If so, I’d like to invite you to a complimentary 1-on-1 Discovery Call.

Where you’ll get immediate relief and walk away with one life-changing shift to break free and live a more fulfilling life!

What do you say?

P.S. Our clients are often SHOCKED at how quickly we can remove their mental blockages ;)

Follow-up template 2:

Hi {FIRST_NAME}, just putting this at the top of your inbox :)

Follow-up template 3:

{FIRST_NAME}! Hope all is well. Did you resonate with what I said earlier?

I sent a few messages and didn’t want them to get buried. 

If you could learn ONE SIMPLE Method that’s helping other top executives break to new levels with proven success… would it be worth a few minutes of your time?

Follow-up template 4:

This is the last time I’ll follow up because I know the value I can bring you, but I don’t want to be OVERLY persistent :)

If the thought of creating more impact, influence, and legacy has ever crossed your mind, but you know you are there are areas of your life standing in the way of that… 

Isn’t it worth placing a bet on yourself if it meant you could achieve radical change in just ONE session?

Would love to show you what’s possible when you have the keys to unlock the RIGHT doors in your mind. 

I’ll leave the ball in your court!

Key observations:

  • Ghostify's use of the "Posted on LinkedIn" filter to identify active, UK-based Directors was a strategic move that paid off. Precise targeting led to meaningful engagements, as evidenced by the campaign's 37.20% acceptance and 25.80% reply rates.
  • The campaign’s central offer of a free 1:1 discovery call directly addressed the needs and challenges of the target audience. A clear value proposition interested 47 people, resulting in 12 meeting confirmations and 4 booked meetings. It’s interesting and risk-free.
  • The templates Ghostify used resonate on a personal level, asking engaging questions about achieving mindset mastery. This approach fostered a conversational tone, making the LinkedIn cold outreach strategy feel more like a personal invitation than a cold pitch.

How to replicate:

  1. Narrow down your audience using LinkedIn’s Advanced Filters so your message reaches the most relevant prospects.
  2. Make your value proposition clear from the start. Offer immediate value, like a free consultation or discovery call, to increase the chances of getting a positive response.
  3. Use templates but tailor your messages to address the specific interests and needs of your audience. Questions that provoke thought or touch on common challenges can create a more engaging and memorable outreach.
  4. Plan a sequence of follow-up messages that build on the initial conversation. Each message should offer additional insights or value and encourage continued engagement without being pushy.
  5. Use a LinkedIn outreach software that helps you scale → Ghostify used HeyReach to run campaigns with multiple senders, auto-rotating them to scale campaigns and reach more people without getting their accounts restricted. They were also able to respond on behalf of other people without logging in and out all the time, using tags, filters, and reminders to keep ops clean and ensure no prospect goes unnoticed.
  6. Monitor the performance of your outreach. Use insights from your campaigns to refine your targeting, messaging, and overall strategy for future LinkedIn outreach.
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3. Stepward’s Poste-Jordan Bulldozer Setup Outbound Campaign

Company Name - Stepward
Contact Name - Fred Duhirel

Stepward's campaign aimed to discover how many experts in outbound marketing were aware of and interested in renting LinkedIn accounts for better automation, reaching more people, or keeping their sales pipeline full. They carefully selected their audience by looking at recent posts from influencers discussing outbound strategies to see who might need LinkedIn accounts to increase their outreach efforts.

Campaign results:

  • LinkedIn accounts used: 2 
  • Acceptance rate: 56.59% 
  • Reply rate: 23.40% 
  • Demos booked: 5

Templates used for the campaign:

Connection request: 

Hello {FIRST_NAME}, 

I saw you liked Jordan's post about outbound setup. His recommendations are great! Feel free to ask me if you're diving into this and have any difficulties. Also, have you considered a MirrorProfiles account for your setup?

Follow-up message: 


How are you? I don't know if you had time to look at my previous message. If you have set up your outbound campaigns on Linkedin, you should like this :) I am taking advantage of this relaunch to talk to you about Mirrorprofiles and MirrorChat.

MirrorProfiles allows you to rent a heated and secure LinkedIn account, whether for automation to exceed quotas or to secure the commercial pipeline. A salesperson who leaves your company also leaves with his LinkedIn :/

MirrorChat allows you to centralize messaging for several LinkedIn accounts.

Key observations:

  • Stepward targeted their ideal customers by focusing on people interested in outbound sales strategies. This helped them reach the right audience, resulting in a high acceptance rate of over 56%. 
  • Their messages directly addressed the potential benefit of renting LinkedIn accounts, leading to 5 booked demos.
  • Stepward's friendly and informal approach, mentioning relevant influencers, boosted their response rate to over 23%. A casual touch can go a long way.

How to replicate:

  1. Research niche discussions and influencer content to find your ideal audience. For better targeted LinkedIn outreach, pay attention to their interests and challenges.
  2. Introduce solutions like LinkedIn account rentals early in your outreach to capture interest and address pain points. 
  3. Tailor your messages to reflect the recipient's recent activities or interests. This strategy will increase engagement rates and build rapport.
  4. Don’t just follow up for the sake of it. Use each opportunity to provide more value and information about how your solution can solve prospects' specific problems.

Reach out to prospects with confidence

The three campaigns we explored offer clear examples of how understanding your audience and briefly communicating your value proposition can boost engagement and conversions.

Apply these lessons: know your audience, be direct and offer real value in your messages. Do this, and your LinkedIn outreach will resonate more deeply and start converting.

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