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LinkedIn Outreach: 3 Sales Pitch Examples

Nikola Velkovski
June 27, 2024
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For effective LinkedIn outreach, you have two options:

  • Dig deep into the rabbit hole to discover new and effective ways to connect with your target audience
  • Learn from tried and tested campaigns, and apply their proven strategies to reach your prospects at scale

In this article, I'll show you how 3 highly targeted campaigns simplify LinkedIn outreach, provide you with ready-to-use LinkedIn message templates, and guide you through how to do it all at scale.

3 Sales Pitch Examples

One thing I thoroughly enjoy about my job, both as the CEO of HeyReach and as a LinkedIn outreach practitioner, is talking to users. What do they like about HeyReach? What do they dislike? Features they wanna see next? I literally want to know everything and then keep delivering them the tool they'll love using.

Last month, I met with some of our active users to see how they're campaigns are performing and hear their $0.02 about LinkedIn outreach. Then, the team and I had a brainwave... Let's showcase their best campaigns on the blog, break down their templates and, of course, give them a well-deserved shout out:

  • ENGIE team scored 17% reply rate and booked 8 demos
  • Laura Pedro got 35 replies, booked 4 demos, and 2 converted clients
  • 10X Ecom team hit 22% reply rate and 9 demos

Let's start from the top.

LinkedIn Outreach Template #1

Here the goal was to initiate conversations with Oil & Energy industry professionals attending specific AI events.

They conducted a basic LinkedIn search for related events using the keyword "Energy AI events."  They chose the one with the most attendees and signed up to access the members list. Next, they used HeyReach Event Attendees Search to scrape the list of the attendees.

  • Number of LinkedIn Accounts Used: 3
  • Acceptance Rate: 66%
  • Reply Rate: 17%
  • Booked Demos: 8

I saw that you've also attended the event on the power of AI in energy markets. Curious to know if you already use some AI tools for your gas & power price forecasts.

Happy to chat!
Key observations:
  • For one, they nailed their Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs). They hit the mark with a sharp, keyword-focused search on LinkedIn, scoring a 66.02% acceptance rate.
  • The LinkedIn outreach template dove right into the topic of interest of the recipients—AI in energy markets. No wonder it was a hit, leading to 8 successful demo bookings.
  • They kept the message to the point informal and used a personal tone that clicked with the prospects. It was more like starting a friendly chat than a sales spiel, which explains the 16.80% reply rate.
How to replicate:

Use “Events" in LinkedIn search to find prospects. Say you sell tech equipment to healthcare professionals. Search for “Healthcare AI Events” or select “events” to make your search more targeted

 Alt text: Finding prospects using the “events” filter on LinkedIn search

You’ll see the number of attendees for each event written just below the description. 

Finding prospects using the “events” filter on LinkedIn search

Once you have identified the event with the most attendees, sign up for it to access the list. 

Finding prospects using the “events” filter on LinkedIn search

Finally, download the prospects list and add it to your campaign. I'll show you how to do that in a minute.

Make sure to narrow in on the specific interests and personalize your message like ENGIE—to encourage them to respond.

You don't need to spend crafting each LinkedIn outreach message manually. Create a customizable template that applies and appeals to all participants. Use a friendly tone so you seem genuinely interested in talking to them.

First shout-out goes to the ENGIE team.

LinkedIn Outreach Template #2

Laura wanted to connect with influencers that have liked a post called “La semaine de 4 jours”.

Her strategy was to pinpoint users who engaged (liked, commented on, or shared) specific posts and used HeyReach LinkedIn Post Reactors feature to create a list of prospects. Created a friendly and clear LinkedIn outreach template in French, using AI for effective communication with their target audience.

  • Number of LinkedIn Accounts Used: 3
  • Acceptance Rate: 77%
  • Reply Rate: 35%
  • Number of Replies: 35
  • Booked Calls: 4
  • Converted Calls:2

Laura's messages are originally in French, so I translated them back to English for this article.

Here's the first message:

Hi {FIRST_NAME}, I saw that you also liked the post “La semaine de 4 jours.” Interested in your thoughts on the 4-day workweek in {INDUSTRY}. Let's chat!


Thank you for this connection, {FIRST_NAME}. Your field in {INDUSTRY} makes me think that one day we could discuss it and perhaps one day help each other. Looking forward to it, {MY_FIRST_NAME}
Key observations:
  • Reaching out to a super-focused audience already into the topic boosted their odds of getting replies. Just look at their impressive acceptance rate of 76.64% and a reply rate of 35.04%—it speaks volumes!
  • Using personalized messages in the audience's language ramped up their chances of a warm reception. It made the cold outreach on LinkedIn more genuine and relatable.
  • All the outreach messages are short, engaging, and pique the influencer’s interest by narrowing in on a common topic. 
  • When they say, “makes me think that one day we could discuss it and perhaps one day help each other,” they get the ball rolling on a chat.
How to replicate:

Use LinkedIn search filters to identify posts related to your goal and industry. Then, either gather a list of people interested in the topic by manually going through the people who engaged with the post or use the HeyReach LinkedIn Post Reactors feature to gather a list of prospects (and extract their data). 

Say you’re in lead gen, hunting for business growth managers. Use LinkedIn's search filters to find posts about lead generation strategies, using keywords like "effective lead generation methods" or "high-quality lead generation." Select “Posts” to get more specific.

Using post engagements to find prospects on LinkedIn

Apply filters like “Sort by” and choose “latest” to get the most recent results.

Using post engagements to find prospects on LinkedIn

Reach out to all prospects with a connection request and a tailored message referring to the post. 

Second shout-out goes to the team of IFR.

LinkedIn Outreach Template #3

The 10X Ecom team aimed to grow LinkedIn network by connecting with marketing and e-commerce professionals skilled in “Ecom SEO.”

They used a basic search on Linkedin to create a list of 2nd Degree Connections, focusing on “entry-level marketers” who discuss “SEO.” 

They skipped the location filters as the goal was to increase the number of connections. Then they slid into the DMs of each prospect, asking them about their company goals and e-commerce tips/tricks, initiating conversation. 

  • Number of LinkedIn Accounts Used: 2
  • Acceptance Rate: 44%
  • Reply Rate: 22%
  • Booked Demos:9

Here's the connection request message:

Hey {FIRST_NAME}! I'm new here and looking to connect with people in the marketing and e-commerce space. :) What's it like working at {COMPANY}?
Key observations:
  • Tapping into second-degree connections is genius; it gave them a mutual point of contact, a natural icebreaker.
  • By using job titles along with filters like 'people' and 'talks about,' they've managed to get a super-targeted list of prospects, highlighted by their strong 44.25% acceptance rate..
  • They leave the prospect with a question that taps right into the reader’s emotions. As soon as the prospect reads “What's it like working at {COMPANY}”, it encourages them to respond. 
  • Saying “I’m new here” and adding a smiley sign creates a friendly tone and makes them more relatable. I’ve done that, and yes, it definitely makes a difference!
  • The short, to-the-point message, mentioning a common industry, increases their chances of building a meaningful relationship. Plus, it doesn’t sound salesly at all—which I love.
How to replicate:

Conduct a LinkedIn search to find your 2nd or 3rd-degree connections who talk about topics you’re interested in. 

Say you’re looking for like-minded content marketers. Let’s use “content managers” or “content strategy” as our key terms and select “People” to let LinkedIn know you’re searching for individuals in the field.

Using the “people” filter to find prospects on LinkedIn

Now, you'll see an option for ‘All filters.’ Click on that to reveal more filters.

Using the “people” filter to find prospects on LinkedIn

Select 2nd-degree or 3rd-degree connections, or better yet, both. You can also add relevant hashtags in the “Talks about” section to see connections that are most relevant and potentially beneficial for your networking and business goals.

Now, you have a list of potential connections. Create a personalized connection request and add a message about your mutual interest.

Third and final shout-out goes for the 10X Ecom team.

How to Send LinkedIn Outreach at Scale?

ENGIE, Laura Pedro, and 10X Ecom implemented three essential steps for executing a large-scale LinkedIn outreach campaign:

  1. Accessed a list of their target audience using LinkedIn search or Sales Navigator.
  2. Used HeyReach to scrape the LinkedIn search results and get a list of precise prospects.
  3. Created and automated LinkedIn outreach campaigns designed for extensive outreach.

The LinkedIn outreach process typically involves hours of sifting through profiles, crafting connection requests, sending follow-ups, and engaging with prospects. It also involves balancing your limited time between tracking each prospect's stage in the outreach funnel. 

This often results in missed opportunities and inefficient use of time that could be better spent on personalizing messages, keeping up with outreach efforts, and responding to prospects. But it doesn't have to be this way. 

LinkedIn outreach automation can save you a ton of time and money, not to mention it offers peace of mind knowing that all your prospects are looked after.

Let's walk through each step and see how these campaigns simplified the entire process so you can do the same.

Step 1: Pick Your Target Audience

LinkedIn is a pretty big place with many places on LinkedIn where your ICPs hide in plain sight. Knowing your audience will lead you to know where they are on LinkedIn. Are they attending events? Engaging on posts? Or are they already in your circle?

Knowing their location lets you conduct highly targeted searches and create laser-focused prospect lists. For this, use LinkedIn Free Search or LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

Let’s recap how knowing their ICPs helped our three HeyReach pinpoint them.

  • The ENGIE campaign → Professionals in the Oil & Energy Industry interested in AI → Attending Events 
  • 10X Ecom campaign → E-commerce marketers → 2nd-degree connections
  • Laura Pedro's campaign → Influencers → Engaging on posts

Common LinkedIn free search filters are:

  • Connections
  • Connections of
  • Locations
  • Talks about 
  • Current company
  • Past company
  • School
  • Industry
  • Profile language
  • Service categories

But you won’t see these filters until you type a query or keyword in the search bar. Then, LinkedIn analyzes your search query and shows you filters that narrow your search further. 

For example, when I search for “digital marketing” without specifying if I’m searching for people related to digital marketing, posts, or groups, LinkedIn shows me a range of options to clarify my search intent.

Using LinkedIn free search filters to find prospects for LinkedIn outreach

Each category here (when chosen) further provides additional filters to focus your search. 

You also have LinkedIn Sales Navigator... a premium LinkedIn tool designed for creating super-targeted searches. With its plethora of filters, you can fine-tune your hunt for “Leads (People)” or “Accounts (Company profiles),” so your search hits the mark every time.

Let’s look at some excellent filters on the Sales Navigator.

Boolean strings

Boolean strings are the powerhouse of search filters. They let you pinpoint ultra-specific prospects by weaving "AND," "OR," and "NOT" into your search key terms.

Suppose you want to find marketing managers in real state agencies but not those in “entry-level positions.” In addition to other filters such as “industry” and “location,” you simply use the keywords "marketing AND manager, NOT entry-level." 

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator filters for LinkedIn outreach

This way, you accurately target your search to find the exact profiles you're interested in. It’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Groups filter

To use this filter, first join groups closely related to your industry to gain access to members who share the same interests. Find groups with a high volume of members and become a member. Then, use the “Groups” filter to find active prospects.

For instance, if you run a coaching business, join coaching-related groups with many members and select it in the Sales Navigator “Groups” filter during your search.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator filters for LinkedIn outreach

It’s a good idea to check the “Posted on LinkedIn tab” to identify active members. You may also strategically check the “changed jobs tab” as people who recently switched jobs are more likely interested in professional career coaching services. 

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator filters for LinkedIn outreach
Now, you have access to a group of people who are highly likely to be interested in coaching services.
“Viewed your profile recently” filter:

When people check out your profile (or your company profile), they're probably interested in your services or looking to connect with you. Of course, not everyone visiting is ready to purchase, but their visit often signals a level of interest.

Zero in on those prospects by combining this filter with others. For instance, use specific job titles or location filters to create specific lists.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator filters for LinkedIn outreach

Step 2: Scrape Prospects Data Using HeyReach

Once your targeted list is ready, extract the data from LinkedIn (profiles, pages, or posts). Do that easily by copying the URL of your search results (either from LinkedIn free search or Sales Navigator) and pasting it into HeyReach. 

LinkedIn Outreach

And voila, your prospect list is ready within seconds. 

LinkedIn Outreach

Btw, check out these 7 easy methods to export LinkedIn contacts from Sales Nav, Search, Groups, Events, and more...

Step 3: Send Your LinkedIn Outreach Campaign

Now, design and automate each step of your LinkedIn outreach campaign with HeyReach. Start by creating touchpoints at just the correct intervals: visit each prospect's profile to pop up in their notifications, send connection requests—with or without a personalized message—and follow up multiple times if you don't hear back. 

Use the sales pitch examples provided here as templates and personalize them for your audience to streamline the whole process.

Remember, following up is critical. It increases your chances of getting a response by 49%.

LinkedIn Outreach

Now it's time to launch your campaign. Use multiple accounts to send out connections at scale and track all responses in your unified inbox for ease and convenience.

🚀 Start sending your campaigns and add multiple LinkedIn accounts for free - no credit card requires. Get started!

And when a prospect responds, ditch the template and reply with a personalized message. Trust me, it works wonders!


From ENGIE's clever use of events, Laura Pedro's magic touch with post engagers, to 10X Ecom savvy tactics for network expansion, it's clear there are tons of ways to make your LinkedIn outreach more targeted. 

But this level of efficiency is only possible with automation. In fact, these campaigns prove that blending automation with a deep understanding of your audience and strategic use of search tools boosts your outreach success. 

So keep your hard work from going to waste and multiply the impact of your planning and efforts with automation. Let's make every connection count!

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