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Waalaxy Review 2024: Features, Pros & Cons, Alternatives

Ilija Stojkovski
June 20, 2024
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Are you considering trying out Waalaxy for a LinkedIn outreach campaign? 

This comprehensive Waalaxy review will help you find out everything about this platform. We will explore Waalaxy’s advantages and drawbacks, giving you in-depth insight into what this tool offers. 

Whether you're an agency or a BDR trying to maximize your efforts or a novice exploring new territory, this Waalaxy review will give you the essential knowledge to use Waalaxy for your LinkedIn outreach efforts. Let’s take a closer look!

Waalaxy at a glance 

Waalaxy is a great solution for people who want to make LinkedIn outreach a more efficient and effective process. This tool helps you to automate tasks, such as finding and contacting potential connections on Linkedin, while making sure all LinkedIn rules are followed. 

At first glance, even for someone with no prior experience, Waalaxy was surprisingly intuitive. The platform is easy to navigate, but catching up with all the features and functions can take some time.

Waalaxy review

When you create an account on Waalaxy, on home page you will notice a few simple steps to complete to get quick access to the dashboard. For users who still need assistance, there is a short video explanation and a 27/7 Live AI chat option (Unfortunately, if you need agent assistance, you will get an answer within 24 hours).

Waalaxy software is designed to break LinkedIn prospecting into three stages:

First stage: You have to select potential connections based on what you are looking for. Define keywords based on specific criteria. 

Waalaxy review

Second stage: Set up a campaign and write tailored messages. Be creative and avoid ChatGPT-generated content. Implement LinkedIn as well as email outreach.  

Waalaxy review

Third stage: Last but not least, you can sit down and relax. Waalaxy will take it from here and automatize the whole process for you. 

Waalaxy review

Before we move to features of Waalaxy’s software, let’s take a moment to review user feedback and customer satisfaction from reputable sources.

According to Capterra, positive Waalaxy reviews highlight their user-friendly interface and great automatization features. On the other side, there are some major concerns between users regarding pricing competitiveness and the inability to scale campaigns. 


  • LinkedIn message automation
  • Go multichannel and add email outreach
  • Email finder and enrichment capabilities
  • Native integrations available


  • Very expensive
  • Inability to scale campaigns
  • No option to create custom campaigns, you can only select from their pre-built templates
  • Although they are a cloud-based solution, the initial login is through an extension which increases your risk of being flagged
  • Late inquiry response from support 

Waalaxy feature overview

We can agree for sure that Waalaxy is ideal for two types of use cases. Whether you want to expand your Linkedin network or utilize email outreach strategy, Waalaxy offers versatile tools and features that will make your outreach campaign more efficient. 

Let’s explore all the features this outreach software has to offer. 

1. LinkedIn outreach

Before we dive into details, let’s start from the beginning.

After you create an account on Waalaxy, you will have to install a Chrome extension. On the main dashboard, you will notice the blue ‘’Start Campaign’’ button. 

Waalaxy review

Click on the ‘’Start Campaign’’ button, and then select ‘’Browse Sequences’’

If you don’t know which outreach strategy to use, you can choose from the pre-made outreach templates Waalaxy has to offer. 

Waalaxy review

The next thing is to generate or import a list of prospects from your LinkedIn account using the Waalaxy Chrome extension you installed. 

The best Waalaxy feature is LinkedIn outreach. It gives you the possibility to specify lead search so you can target connection requests according to your current preferences and career goals. Set up the list name and the number of prospects you want to import. 

It's important to mention that you can customize notes when sending connection requests so you can increase the chance of a response. 

Now, it’s time to finish campaign creation and schedule it. If you are all set up and satisfied with everything, click the ‘’Launch my campaign’’ button and you're set for success. 

As I'm trying to build relationships and not go in guns blazing with my sales approach, I'm missing a few LinkedIn actions in the Waalaxy software.

While Waalaxy gives me the ability to send personalized messages, automate connection invitations, and visit a prospect’s profile, HeyReach enhances my experience with additional features, such as following a prospect’s profile and liking a post. 

2. Adding multiple senders

Another cool Waalaxy feature is the option to easily add team members. This feature is designed for agencies, companies, sales teams, or recruiters. They offer some quality assets such as: 

  • Different roles for teammates you can add by inviting them to join your team
  • It’s easy to import leads from one account to another
  • Sync CRM and export data to your favorite tools
  • Monitor the team’s performance and results in a centralized dashboard
  • Option to activate anti-duplicate to avoid spamming and contacting the same leads twice 

Waalaxy Team is available for all plans, and you can choose 1 month, 3 month, or 12-month plan. Price is determined according to the number of team members and subscription duration. Waalaxy offers a team package that starts at $350 and covers two members for a single month.

While we think Waalaxy Team provides some quite amazing features, it’s important to note their major drawback for some users. Their pricing.

When we compare Waalaxy’s Team yearly plan to the yearly HeyReach team package on the other side, we notice that HeyReach offers much more affordable plans, especially for agencies, enabling them to scale their outreach effectively.

You can see the difference between these two offers. 

HeyReach pricing

3. Reporting and unified inbox

Waalaxy reporting system is clean and user-friendly, we have to say that the visual presentation of data is quite impressive. They provide comprehensive and visually appealing insight into your outreach campaign.

Waalaxy review

You can track metrics such as acceptance rate and response rate. Don’t forget that these parameters are a sign of your campaign's effectiveness. 

Besides reporting Waalaxy also offers a smart inbox feature created to simplify communication with Linkedin prospects. While Waalaxy’s users have to pay add-ons to use a unified inbox, HeyReach has to offer more inclusive solutions to their users. They’ve included smart inbox features into the basic price, so there are no hidden costs or additional paying.

However, the price is not the only drawback of this advanced feature. With smart inbox by Waalaxy, you will not be able to respond on behalf of colleagues. This might make the outreach process more difficult, especially for teams that are collaborating on campaigns. 

While HeyReach allows their users to respond on behalf of their teammates, which, we can agree, can significantly improve the effectiveness of the outreach process. 

4. Email outreach and email finder

If you enjoyed in LinkedIn outreach feature where you can send invitations, and messages and visit different profiles, you will love this option where you can send mass emails to leads.

Waalaxy Email outreach is a feature similar to their LinkedIn outreach feature. This option is available only for users with a business plan tier. 

Let’s set up an email finder and outreach campaign together. Firstly, choose the outreach plan in the ‘’Select a sequence’’ part. 

 Now choose from where you want to import or generate new prospects, and according to your goal for this campaign, write a personalized email.

Waalaxy review

Once everything is in order, make sure your campaign elements are right, click "Launch the campaign," and watch the magic unfold. 

However, you will notice that Waalaxy features are yet limited. There are certain limitations based on the subscription plan you choose. For example, if you are using a Business plan, you are limited to up to 5000 leads per campaign. 

When it comes to the Advanced plan, you can have as many campaigns as you want, but you are limited to 2500 leads per campaign. 

Waalaxy Email outreach is more suitable for campaigns with up to 500 leads, and scaling beyond this number may result in challenges due to this limitation. 

Despite these limits, Waalaxy provides useful features for clients who want to organize their outreach campaigns and successfully interact with their audience. 

Overall, Waalaxy is a great option for companies looking to expand their network, reach a wider audience, and create connections with potential clients or associates

Waalaxy pricing

Now, imagine this scenario. You are on the hunt for the best LinkedIn outreach tool, and you stumble upon Waalaxy. As you already checked their features and benefits, you think that you get the jackpot, but suddenly you notice their price tag. Yes, undoubtedly their biggest drawback is Waalaxy price. Simply said, they're too damn expensive. 

To give you a better idea of what we are talking about, let's take a look at the main features of their pricing packages. 

Business plan package 

This plan is a suitable and solid solution for businesses looking to streamline their LinkedIn and Email outreach. As we already mentioned, this plan allows you to have up to 5000 leads per day. It costs 160 euros monthly, which is around 175 American dollars. 

Advanced plan package

There is no big difference between an advanced plan and a business plan. With an advanced plan, you also get 800 invitations per month, and you are limited to 2500 leads per campaign. Besides this, you don’t get an email outreach feature, and you get only 25 email finder credits. The price for this package is 112 euros. 

Free plan 

The free plan is an amazing option for those who want to dip their toes into the outreach world and experiment with it without going over budget. In our humble opinion, a free package is ideal if you want to test out multiple LinkedIn outreach tools. 

Although this Waalaxy plan comes with limited features, it still offers essential tools to make your campaign successful. 

Waalaxy free trial

We have to say that we love the option to test Waalaxy before deciding which plan suits you best. Take a look around and discover all the available features on their platform without commitment. You may test out Waalaxy's features during the free trial to see whether it's a tool you want to utilize for LinkedIn outreach or not. 

Ups, we almost forgot to mention that there are two more add-on features in Waalaxy’s arsenal. It’s Waalaxy Inbox that costs 20€ monthly, and an Extra email finder feature that costs 0.01€ per email found. 

Additionally, when you compare Waalaxy competitors such as HeyReach, you can notice that HeyReach offers much more affordable solutions for their customers, especially when we are talking about agencies or teams. 

Generally looking, the Waalaxy offers some cool features such as LinkedIn and Email outreach automatization, Waalaxy Inbox, and Extra email finder. Besides these options, the additional possibility of testing their platform for free is a great way for users to determine if it aligns with their outreach goals and objectives.

Waalaxy alternatives

Now that  you've explored our comprehensive Waalaxy review, we can move on to the next chapter and check out Waalaxy's alternatives. To make things easier for you to decide, we also tested the best Waalaxy alternative tools on the market. 


As well as Waalaxy, HeyReach is a comprehensive outreach platform created to meet the unique requirements of agencies and organizations looking to expand their audience and increase their engagement with potential clients. 

Here is the list of some benefits and features of the HeyReach platform:

  • It’s designed for agencies - HeyReach outreach platform is designed to satisfy unique demands and agency requirements. It’s optimized for agency workflow and it allows good client cooperation and campaign management. 
  • Affordable pricing, easier to scale - They offer affordable price packages that make it simple for agencies of all sizes to use their features. Thanks to HeyReach flexible and transparent pricing, small-sized agencies and sales teams will be able to choose a plan that best fits their needs and to scale their outreach efforts. If you want to maximize your ROI without breaking the bank, consider trying the HeyReach free trial.  
  • More powerful unibox - We think that HeyReach Unibox is a game changer for outreach campaigns. This cool feature comes with the option to categorize messages, auto-tag them, and filter messages by keyword. Also, we have to mention that with HeyReach unibox you can engage on behalf of another teammate, which makes communication with prospects much easier. 
  • More LinkedIn steps and better campaign UX - Compared to Waalaxy, this tool has more LinkedIn steps and outstanding UX. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, it makes it easy for users to set up, launch, and follow outreach campaign results. HeyReach offers advanced targeting which makes outreach more specific, unique, and customizable message templates and real-time campaign monitoring and analysis. 
  • Unlike their competitors, you don’t need a tool extension to log into their system. HeyReach is a cloud-based solution that protects your profile from being flagged by LinkedIn. This means that you can run your outreach campaigns according to LinkedIn’s rules and regulations.

Other Waalaxy competitors

While HeyReach stands out as the prime rival, we also have to mention other Waalaxy’s rivals such as Expandi, Lemlist, and Link.