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36 Best LinkedIn Automation Tools of 2024

Nikola Velkovski
May 16, 2024
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LinkedIn automation tools are like your efficient assistant who handles the repetitive stuff, allowing you to focus on what matters. What can you automate? Just about everything. 

From sending connection requests, follow-up messages, scheduling posts, and managing your inbox to faster content creation, engagement boosting, and scraping LinkedIn data. All in all, it's about working smarter, not harder.

However, there’s the right way to use LinkedIn automation tools. There’s also the lazy way, which leads to “meh” results and bans.

In the next few sections, I'm going to break down the best LinkedIn automation tools of 2024 for you. Expect no generic advice here, just straight-shooting insights and a rundown of the standout tools that have been game-changers for users. Let's jump right in!

How do LinkedIn automation tools work

LinkedIn automation involves using software to handle tasks on your profile, aiming to build a more comprehensive and active presence.

The leading growth teams don’t treat these tools as fancy tricks, but practical, must-have tools for handling the grunt work of networking & lead generation on LinkedIn.

What these tools can do for you:

  • LinkedIn outreach tools: sending connection requests, following up on messages, and scheduling posts…
  • LinkedIn prospecting & scraping tools: scraping or collecting typically targeted-lead data and making the most of it
  • Engagement on autopilot: keep your profile buzzing with activity, liking, commenting, and sharing, even when you're off doing other things.
  • LinkedIn content tools: plan, post, and schedule content without a last-minute rush.

LinkedIn's stance on automation

It's important to remember, though, that while LinkedIn officially discourages the use of third-party automation tools, there's a nuanced understanding of their role.

LinkedIn's primary concern with automation is the potential for spammy interactions that degrade user experience. However, they recognize the efficiency benefits of automation for tasks that don't intrude on privacy or user experience. 

This understanding has led to the development of third-party tools that operate within the boundaries of LinkedIn's guidelines.

The last thing you want is to get banned using LinkedIn automation tools.

We're paying close attention to how these tools align with LinkedIn's policies to keep your account safe and sound.

LinkedIn outreach tools

These tools are the bread and butter of LinkedIn message automation, and they represent the largest segment, which is why we’ll cover this category first.


Automate multiple LinkedIn accounts at the same time, and reach 1000+ prospects per week. Built for leadgen & recruitment agencies.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of HeyReach:

  • Multiple Senders: Solve the LinkedIn limit of 20 connections per day per account by enabling outreach from multiple accounts. Synchronize multiple senders on the same outreach sequence, auto-rotating through them to maximize your outreach while staying within LinkedIn's rules.
  • Unibox: All your conversations from various accounts merged into one unified inbox. Easily manage conversations on behalf of your team, optimize profiles, and handle responses efficiently, all without the hassle of logging in and out of multiple accounts.
  • List Operations: Create highly targeted lead lists by cross-matching different criteria, such as event attendees and group members, or by combining multiple LinkedIn searches. Cleverly circumvents LinkedIn's limit of showing only 1000 prospects per search for free users. By connecting multiple accounts to perform the same search, HeyReach combines the results into one comprehensive list, removing any duplicates. 
  • Campaign Sequence with Branching: Choose your outreach path like a choose-your-own-adventure book. Create sub-sequences that activate based on whether a connection request is accepted or not.
  • Shared Sales Navigator Access: One account for the whole team? We've got you covered. A single Sales Navigator account is enough for the whole team.

💸 Pricing Plans:

  1. Standard Plan: $79/seat/month. All-inclusive features, unlimited everything. 14-day trial with 3 seats, no credit card hassle.
  2. Special Agency Offer: Choose between $799/month for up to 50 accounts and 5 workspaces, or $1499/month for unlimited accounts and up to 10 workspaces. 

If need be, check out this in-depth HeyReach review and tutorial.

🚀 Bottom Line:

No-brainer for teams who are serious about scaling their LinkedIn outreach without the headache of juggling multiple accounts or risking the wrath of LinkedIn's limits.

If you're looking to streamline your lead management, keep your team's outreach in sync, and really get the most out of LinkedIn – HeyReach is your go-to tool.

📥 Want to scale LinkedIn outreach? Start your first campaign for free and add unlimited users - no credit card required.


Expandi does everything from LinkedIn automated messaging to integrating with other marketing tools and even email outreach. Technically, it’s a multi-channel outreach tool, but its primary focus is LinkedIn.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Expandi:

  • Webhooks: Integrates with other marketing tools and Zapier for omni-channel growth hacks.
  • Smart Inbox: A solution to LinkedIn's clunky inbox, making it easier to manage multiple accounts and boost customer engagement.
  • Dynamic Personalization: Takes messaging beyond basic personalization, leading to high response rates.
  • Safety: Provides a dedicated and local IP address, ensuring consistent login locations for LinkedIn account safety.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Expandi starts at $99 per seat per month with a 7-day free trial available. 

🚀 Bottom Line:

Expandi is ideal for growth hackers, agency owners, and those managing multiple LinkedIn accounts. Its user-friendly dashboard and quick account switching make it a strong choice for those prioritizing safety and advanced personalization in their LinkedIn outreach.

Salesflow (prev. GrowthLead)

Salesflow is a LinkedIn tool designed for those looking to pack their sales funnel with fresh leads, offering a suite of features that not only attract leads but also manage them efficiently with AI-driven tools.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Salesflow:

  • Multiple Campaign Creation and Scheduling: Tailor and schedule various campaigns to target different market segments effectively.
  • Filtering for Prospect Search: Pinpoint your ideal prospects with sophisticated filtering options.
  • Personalized Campaign Messages: Craft messages that resonate with each segment, enhancing the personal touch in your outreach.
  • Unlimited Follow-up Messages: Set up as many follow-ups as needed to maximize response rates and increase appointment bookings.
  • Smart and Customizable Inbox: A unified inbox equipped with AI reply detection, advanced filters, and tags for efficient lead management.
  • Live Campaign Insights: Gain a clear understanding of your connection volumes and response rates for continuous improvement.
  • CSV Importing and Exporting: Import or export your data into and from the CSVs.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Salesflow's pricing begins at $99/month, with a free trial available for those wanting to test the waters. Pricing is similar to Expandi and other tools on the list.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Salesflow is amazing for data-driven LinkedIn prospecting. It's targeted at users who value detailed analytics, advanced personalization, and the ability to manage multiple campaigns and leads efficiently. 

While it may not be the best starting point for beginners, for seasoned LinkedIn marketers and sales professionals, Salesflow offers a comprehensive suite of tools making it among the best LinkedIn lead generation tools.


LiProspect is one of the better LinkedIn lead generation tools, bringing a unique blend of features like personalized follow-ups, smart inboxes, and advanced search capabilities, all designed to maximize lead generation and campaign efficiency in just minutes.

It’s a cloud-based, fully automated outreach and follow-up system—ideal LinkedIn lead generation tool for outreach and prospecting strategies. 

Key LinkedIn outreach features of LiProspect:

  • Cloud-Based Capabilities: No installation required, fully cloud-based operations.
  • Sales Navigator Imports: Leverages advanced search filters for LinkedIn lead generation.
  • Custom Imports: Activates outreach campaigns swiftly with easy contact import.
  • Smart Inbox: Manages responses with an intuitive, feature-rich inbox.
  • Blacklist Management: Allows easy exclusion of selected accounts.
  • Dedicated 4G Mobile Proxy: Provides bank-grade security for each account.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

LiProspect offers only one pricing plan, Business Plan, starting at $89/month. It includes follow-up sequences, email follow-ups, personalized InMail, Smart Inbox, live chat & email support, advanced analytics, CRM integration, and more.

🚀 Bottom Line:

LiProspect is a powerful ally for B2B companies seeking to automate and optimize their LinkedIn lead generation. Its integration of AI and ML technologies makes it accessible to both beginners and advanced users. 

The platform is particularly beneficial for those looking to engage in comprehensive LinkedIn automation, offering a suite of tools for effective outreach and lead nurturing. 

Linked Radar

Linked Radar is a LinkedIn tool specializing in connecting with potential clients through automated connection requests and messages, fostering personalized outreach to build robust relationships and generate leads.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Linked Radar:

  • LinkedIn Scraper: Scrapes thousands of prospects with a single keyword or URL.
  • Personalized Templates: Crafted by LinkedIn experts to enhance engagement.
  • Automated Messages: Customized message templates to improve response rates.
  • Time Zone Management: Adjusts activity time to align with prospects' active hours.
  • Smart Limiting: Limits invites and messages to 100 per day, preventing account blocking.
  • Cloud-Based: Ensures continuous operation, even when the user's computer is off.
  • Human Behavior Mimicking: Reduces risk by emulating real user behaviors.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Start Plan: $14.9/month.

Biz Plan: $24.9/month.

Pro plan: 69.9/month

Team Plan: $99.9/month.

Each plan comes with a 30-day free trial.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Linked Radar is well-suited for startups, enterprises, and both B2B and B2C companies looking to amplify their LinkedIn outreach. Its intuitive design and diverse toolset make it a compelling choice for users seeking to expand their LinkedIn network and generate quality leads. 


Skylead’s strength lies in building strong relationships with prospects, enhancing conversion chances through personalized messaging, and automating campaign sequences.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Skylead:

  • Inbox: Manages multiple LinkedIn accounts efficiently, allowing reading and replying to messages directly.
  • Integrations: Seamless integration with CRMs and other software for enhanced automation.
  • Smart Sequences: Utilizes conditional logic for automated LinkedIn messages and emails.
  • Drip Campaignings: Targets all three-degree connections with personalized invites.
  • Multi-Campaign Capability: Facilitates multi-channel marketing campaigns for diverse market targeting.
  • Message Personalization: Enhances outreach with customizable messages.
  • Smart Reply Detection: Halts message sending upon prospect replies.
  • Real-Time Insights: Offers detailed analytics for tracking LinkedIn activities.
  • Light CRM & Smart Inbox: Combines LinkedIn and email management for focused lead engagement.
  • Customer Support: Offers dedicated support for troubleshooting and campaign assistance.
  • Cloud-Based: Provides secure, remote access with a dedicated IP.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

All-in-One Plan at $100/account/month, multiple users, and 24/7 live support.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Skylead offers a blend of personalization, smart sequencing, and comprehensive analytics, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to boost their LinkedIn engagement and sales activities, especially with its capability of sending over 500 invites weekly. 


Waalaxy is a beginner-friendly tool for email marketing automation and LinkedIn automation and it’s a popular LinkedIn prospecting tool for a reason. This Chrome extension simplifies multi-channel prospecting by allowing users to automate personalized messaging across LinkedIn, email, and other platforms. 

Read in-depth Waalaxy review

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Waalaxy:

  • Efficient List Ordering and Filtering: Enhances targeted prospecting by allowing users to organize and filter their contact lists effectively.
  • Seamless CRM Integration: Facilitates streamlined LinkedIn campaigns by integrating smoothly with various CRM systems.
  • Advanced Automation: Automates follow-up messages and the import of new leads, increasing efficiency in lead management.
  • Cloud-Based Solution: Offers a cloud platform equipped with pre-filled message templates for ease of communication.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Business Plan: €160/month (billed monthly). Includes LinkedIn and email features, 800 invitations/month, 500 email finder credits, and comprehensive CRM synchronization.

Advanced Plan: €112/month. Offers LinkedIn features, 800 invitations/month, 25 email finder credits, and CRM synchronization.

Free Plan: Offers basic LinkedIn features with 80 invitations/month and 25 email finder credits.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Waalaxy is ideal for beginners and professionals alike who aim to streamline their prospecting and outreach strategies, especially in multi-channel environments.


SaleeAI is a LinkedIn outreach tool with AI-powered message generation designed to craft personalized icebreakers and sales messages. 

It analyzes your leads' LinkedIn profiles, considering their company, industry, pain points, and goals to create highly relevant and engaging messages. Ideal for enhancing reply rates and optimizing lead engagement.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of SaleeAI:

  • AI-Generated Icebreakers: Creates unique, engaging openers for each lead by analyzing their profile, ensuring a personalized approach.
  • Natural Tone Rephrasing: Refines sales messages to sound more conversational and human-like, enhancing the appeal to potential clients.
  • Custom Replies: Generates responses tailored to the lead's previous interactions and specific objectives, fostering more meaningful connections.
  • Lead Verification: Employs advanced AI to verify lead authenticity, effectively doubling the reply rate through intelligent messaging.
  • Time-Saving Text Editing: Offers AI-driven text editing tools that streamline the creation of sales content, saving valuable time.
  • ChatGPT Integration: Seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT for enhanced communication capabilities, leveraging AI for efficient sales processes.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Solo: $25/month billed monthly. Includes AI lead verification, AI messaging, and ChatGPT integration. Suitable for individuals.

Quintet: $99/month billed monthly. Ideal for small teams, up to 5 seats, with all Solo plan features plus team outreach data collection and easy management.

Ensemble: $179/month billed monthly. Perfect for larger teams, up to 10 seats, with all Solo plan features plus team management tools.

Symphony: Custom pricing for teams larger than 10. Includes all Ensemble features plus CRM and custom integrations.

🚀 Bottom Line:

This tool is good for those seeking to create more personalized, engaging, and effective outreach messages, significantly improving the chances of receiving replies and fostering meaningful connections on LinkedIn.


SalesLoft distinguishes itself as an engagement platform, catering primarily to sales representatives and marketers. It's recognized for its ability to integrate seamlessly with CRMs, facilitating efficient workflow prioritization and enabling the execution of diverse outreach campaigns.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of SalesLoft:

  • User Personalization: Provides tools for segmenting contact lists, enhancing outreach personalization.
  • Workflow Management: Equips users with various tools to optimize and manage workflows effectively.
  • Notetaking: Allows the addition of insights and notes during the automation process, contributing to more tailored campaigns.
  • Activity Analytics: Offers the ability to track LinkedIn automation-related activities, providing real-time campaign insights.
  • Scheduling: Facilitates scheduling of automated communications (emails and messages), adjusted for time zones and prospect activity.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

SalesLoft's pricing details for its Prospect and Enterprise plans are not publicly disclosed. Interested users must contact the company directly to obtain a quote, tailoring the pricing to their specific needs.

🚀 Bottom Line:

SalesLoft is an ideal solution for professionals seeking a blend of personalization, analytics, and workflow management tools for their outreach strategies.


Zopto is a popular lead generation and cloud-based software that helps you simplify prospecting and grow your business in a scalable way, using multi-touch smart workflows on LinkedIn and Email.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Zopto:

  • Filtering: Advanced filters to precisely target ideal clients.
  • Lead Management: A dashboard for tracking leads and campaign statistics.
  • Engagement Levels: Customizable settings for connection invites, message sequences, InMails, and more.
  • Multichannel Outreach: Includes LinkedIn messages, InMails, emails, and Twitter messages.
  • GPT-3 Integration: Utilizes AI for crafting personalized message templates.
  • CRM Integration: Allows for seamless integration with existing CRM systems.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Personal: $195/month.

Grow: $312/month.

Agency: $780/month.

Additional options for multiple accounts.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Zopto is well-suited for startups and sales teams that require a multichannel approach to LinkedIn lead generation.

While the pricing may be on the higher end and the lack of a free trial could be a downside, Zopto's robust features and CRM integration make it a valuable tool for sales teams looking to streamline their lead generation processes and capitalize on LinkedIn's vast networking potential.

Demand (Formerly Saleshub)

Demand, previously known as Saleshub, stands out as a dynamic tool focused on personalization, ensuring that your messages are not just automated but also tailored to each recipient, enhancing engagement and response rates.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Demand:

  • Double Verified Emails: This feature ensures the authenticity and quality of your email contacts by employing a robust double verification system.
  • Unified Inbox: Seamlessly integrates LinkedIn and email, funnelling post replies directly into your CRM, streamlining your communication process.
  • Visitor Tracking: Identifies real-time website visitors, offering valuable insights into your audience.
  • Slack Integration: Keeps you updated with a dedicated Slack channel for tracking and reporting LinkedIn activities, ensuring you're always in the loop.

These features make Demand a powerhouse in managing and tracking LinkedIn activities, offering a comprehensive view of your outreach efforts.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Demand has three distinct plans:

#1: Sales Acceleration Plan ($59/user/month):

Perfect for individual sales professionals aiming to scale their sales using LinkedIn, Email, and AI.

#2: Social Selling Plan ($59/user/month):

Tailored for those focusing on building a strong LinkedIn brand and engaging with potential customers publicly.

#3: All-In-One Plan ($99/user/month):

The go-to option for teams needing a comprehensive suite of tools for effective social selling, outreach, and AI-driven automation.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Demand is made aiming to automate their LinkedIn processes while maintaining a high level of personalization. It's a good companion for platforms like Phantombuster, enhancing their capabilities.


Dux-Soup has carved out a niche in the LinkedIn automation tool market, known for its ease of use in connecting and engaging with prospects. It’s one of the most popular LinkedIn lead generation tools on the market.

Unique as a Chrome extension, it operates directly within your browser, requiring LinkedIn to be open for its functionalities to be active.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Dux-Soup:

  • Managing Prospects: Allows you to leave notes and tags on LinkedIn profiles, streamlining your targeting process.
  • Downloading Profile Details: Facilitates extracting LinkedIn profile information for seamless integration into your CRM.
  • Outreach and Automation: Offers features like auto-visiting profiles, sending personalized messages, and endorsing connections.

While these features are common in many LinkedIn tools, Dux-Soup's responsive customer support is a notable plus.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Pro Dux ($14.99/month or $11.25/month billed annually): Ideal for automating basic LinkedIn outreach tasks.

Turbo Dux ($55.00/month or $41.25/month billed annually): A step up for scaling lead generation with multi-touch LinkedIn drip campaigns and sales pipeline management.

Cloud Dux ($99.00/month or $74.17/month billed annually): Offers fully automated drip campaigns in the cloud, operating 24/7 on Dux-Soup's infrastructure for continuous lead generation.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Dux-Soup is a solid choice for those starting out in LinkedIn automation, offering basic automation functionalities within a browser extension. However, for those seeking deeper outreach features and enhanced safety protocols, exploring other options might be advisable.


MeetAlfred, formerly known as Leonard, is a versatile LinkedIn automation software, focusing on end-to-end social selling campaigns. It's designed to streamline team management, build LinkedIn campaigns, and automate outreach sequences effectively.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of MeetAlfred:

  • Campaign Manager: Enables the creation and management of LinkedIn message sequences, complete with personalization tags and action limits.
  • Alfred CRM: A built-in CRM system within the tool for efficient management of leads and connections.
  • Email Campaign Sequences: Extends outreach beyond LinkedIn by integrating with GSuite for email campaigns.
  • Real-Life Analytics: Offers a dashboard with actionable insights to monitor progress and optimize strategies.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Personal Plan: $59/month for 3 active campaigns, basic CRM, and multi-channel automation.

Business Plan: $89/month for unlimited campaigns, advanced CRM, and additional features like social media post scheduling and InMail automation.

Enterprise Plan: $345/month for 5 users, with additional users at $69/month, including dedicated support and white-label options.

🚀 Bottom line: 

MeetAlfred is especially suitable for those who need a mix of features for automated lead generation, including bulk messaging, multiple connection requests, and integrated CRM functionalities. The tool's multi-channel automation capabilities make it a great fit for users who want to extend their outreach beyond LinkedIn.


LinkedHelper helps simplify finding targeted B2B leads on LinkedIn, allowing you to grow your network, create smart message chains, manage contacts, and automate your LinkedIn lead generation funnel.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of LinkedHelper:

  • Autoresponder for LinkedIn: Automate outreach campaigns to 2nd and 3rd-degree contacts with customizable templates.
  • Message LinkedIn Group Members: Engage with members of LinkedIn groups you belong to, even if they are 2nd or 3rd connections.
  • Export and Manage LinkedIn Contacts: Export search results or import custom CSV results for targeted outreach.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Free 14-Day Trial: Test the tool's capabilities without any commitment.

Standard Plan: $15 per month for essential LinkedIn automation features.

Pro Plan: $45 per month for advanced functionalities and unlimited campaigns.

Discounted Rates: Available for 3, 6, and 12-month advance payments, offering up to 45% off.

🚀 Bottom Line:

LinkedHelper is particularly beneficial for those who want to expand their social network efficiently and manage their contacts effectively. While it may not offer the depth of features found in more advanced tools, its ease of use and cost-effectiveness make it a strong contender for users seeking simplicity.


LinkedFusion is a LinkedIn automation tool, designed to integrate seamlessly with platforms like Google Sheets, Zapier, and Hubspot. They emphasize top-grade security, offering users dedicated exclusive IPs for a more stable and secure client-server connection, ensuring smoother automation processes.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of LinkedFusion:

  • Cloud-Based Storage: Ensures easy transfer, management, and protection of data.
  • Teammate Feature: Automates sending connection requests to teammates.
  • Customer Support: Offers comprehensive sales and technical support at no extra charge.
  • Smart Inbox: Tags conversations for efficient chat filtering.
  • Graphical Analytics: Provides dashboards for tracking and managing outreach potential.
  • LinkedIn Training Academy: Helps users learn growth hacks and implement them effectively.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Free 14-Day Trial: Test the tool without any commitment.

Standard Plan: $15 per month for essential LinkedIn automation features.

Pro Plan: $45 per month for more advanced functionalities and unlimited campaigns.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Its cloud-based nature and dedicated IPs make it a safe and flexible choice for automating various LinkedIn tasks. Whether you're looking to expand your network, manage contacts, or automate your lead generation funnel, LinkedFusion offers a robust set of tools to achieve your LinkedIn marketing goals efficiently.


LeadConnect LinkedIn tool was designed to help you accurately define your target audience, laying the groundwork for personalized messaging, and enabling the automatic sending of up to 100 customized invite messages to prospects.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of LeadConnect:

  • Outreach Message Templates: Facilitates personalized messaging to engage prospects effectively.
  • Team Blacklist: Prevents overlapping outreach by team members, enhancing campaign efficiency.
  • Contact Database: Centralizes your target audience data for easy access and management.
  • CRM Linking: Seamlessly integrates with CRMs like Hubspot for effective lead nurturing.
  • Activity Tracking: Automatically monitors LinkedIn-related changes and prospect responses.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Free Forever: $0/month with up to 5 invites and 15 message credits per day.

Professional: $22.95/month with up to 30 invites and 90 message credits per day.

Grow: $40.95/month with up to 60 invites and 180 message credits per day.

Ultimate: $77.95/month with up to 100 invites and 300 message credits per day.

🚀 Bottom Line:

LeadConnect is for startups and SMEs looking to automate their LinkedIn prospecting and elevate their outreach campaigns. 

Its combination of personalized messaging, team coordination, and CRM integration makes it a powerful LinkedIn prospecting tool for businesses seeking to optimize their LinkedIn lead-generation efforts.


They’re a cloud-based LinkedIn automation software designed to streamline your prospecting, nurturing, and deal-closing processes on LinkedIn.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of We-Connect:

  • Powerful Campaign Manager: Enables the setup and running of multiple campaigns targeting custom audiences.
  • Smart Reply Management: Centralizes all prospect interactions in one place for efficient communication.
  • Easy User Management: Adds users within your account and provides comprehensive campaign reports from a unified dashboard.
  • Enhanced Safety Features: Includes dedicated IP addresses, randomized delays between actions, and automatic duplicate suppression.
  • Intuitive Smart Sequences: Automates a series of actions within one campaign, such as profile visits, post likes, and follow-ups.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

One plan: $49 per month, including AI Digest, Smart Sequences, BYOIP, LinkedIn Events, A/B Testing, and more.

🚀 Bottom Line:

With its range of campaign options and smart sequences, We-Connect is suitable for professionals seeking to automate their LinkedIn activities efficiently while maintaining a high level of personalization and safety.


Dripify is a multifunctional LinkedIn automation software, designed to enhance prospecting and deal-closing for sales teams. You can set up sales funnels and execute drip campaigns like a charm, and because it’s a cloud-based solution, it allows for complete automation, even when your device is off.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Dripify:

  • Drip Campaigns: Enables the creation of effective sales funnels with various LinkedIn actions.
  • Data Export: Allows for the automatic download of lead-related data, including emails and phone numbers.
  • Advanced Analytics: Provides tools to track and assess campaign performance and conversion rates.
  • Lead Responding: Automates responses to incoming messages with customized patterns.
  • Team Management: Offers real-time monitoring and statistics for team members through a control panel.
  • Safety Algorithms: Incorporates specific algorithms to ensure high-level LinkedIn account security.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Basic: $39/month for essential LinkedIn automation features.

Pro: $59/month for advanced functionalities and team management.

Advanced: $79/month for full access to all features and analytics.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Dripify is ideal for sales teams for its standout features, like the ability to run drip campaigns and manage team performance in the cloud. Because it’s cloud-based, it will continuously run your automated lead generation campaigns and show detailed analytics without needing constant manual oversight.

Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is an all-in-one solution that simplifies outreach and prospecting tasks on LinkedIn, allowing users to create marketing funnels, automate connection requests, send personalized messages, endorse skills, and more. 

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Octopus CRM:

  • Drip Campaigns: Automate a series of LinkedIn actions to create effective marketing funnels.
  • Data Export: Easily export lead-related data for further analysis and campaigns.
  • Advanced Analytics: Monitor key metrics to assess and improve campaign performance.
  • Lead Responding: Customize responses to incoming messages for personalized interaction.
  • Team Management: Manage team members and monitor their performance in real time.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Starter: $9.99/month for basic LinkedIn automation.

Pro: $14.99/month for advanced features and more campaign options.

Advanced: $21.99/month for comprehensive automation capabilities.

Unlimited: $39.99/month for unlimited access to all features.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Ideal for marketing agencies, recruiters, and sales teams looking for a cost-effective solution without all the bells and whistles to get the job done.

La Growth Machine

La Growth Machine is a multichannel outreach automation tool, designed for lead generation and engagement. With its ability to design campaigns that utilize LinkedIn messages, cold emails, and Twitter DMs, it ensures your outreach is noticed and impactful, catering to a diverse audience.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of La Growth Machine:

  • Multi-Channel Workflows: Engage leads on LinkedIn, email, and Twitter.
  • Lead Enrichment: Automatically finds missing information and enriches contact details.
  • Lead Management: Import, segment, and manage leads effectively.
  • Performance Analysis: Track the effectiveness of your outreach campaigns.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamlessly integrates with various CRM tools and platforms.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

All plans come with a 14-day free trial:

Basic: $50—Unlimited enrichment, import from Linkedin or CSV, Linkedin Voice, LGM Voice AI, support by chat, 3 running campaigns.

Pro: $100—Everything in basic plus Magic Messages (AI assisted), API, Zapier integrations, 6 running campaigns

Ultimate: $150—Everything in pro plus unlimited campaigns, feature to build custom workflow, ability to import leads from HubSpot and Pipedrive and priority support.

🚀 Bottom Line:

La Growth Machine is an ideal tool for marketers, sales teams, and businesses looking for an efficient way to conduct outreach across multiple channels. Whether your audience is on LinkedIn, email, or Twitter, this tool offers a tailored approach to maximize your outreach potential.


Reply is a cloud-based multichannel outreach tool designed to enhance communication channels for sales and marketing professionals. 

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Reply:

  • Web Crawling: Extracts data on prospects’ emails and phone numbers.
  • Instant Messaging: Facilitates communication via WhatsApp and SMS.
  • Multichannel Sequences: Engages contacts through LinkedIn, email, and social media messaging.
  • Advanced Analytics: Offers insightful dashboards to track LinkedIn automation results.
  • AI Assistant: Sends customized, human-like messages for higher response rates.
  • Collaborative Environments: Centralizes LinkedIn actions for effective team collaboration.
  • Email Warm-Up: Prevents spam sanctions while generating leads.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Reply offers two distinct pricing plans: business and agency. Within the business plan, they offer four unique tiers:

Free—200 data credits/month, AI sequence generator, Chrome extension, Data storage.

Starter: $60—1 mailbox, 1K data credits/month, AI, Email sequences, Basic reports, Pipedrive and Hubspot integrations, Chrome extension, Email open, click and reply tracking, Advanced data search.

Professional: $90—2 mailboxes, Jason AI, Warm-up in Mailtoaster, Everything in Starter + Multichannel sequences, Advanced reports, Salesforce integration, Calls & SMS, Meetings booking, triggers.

Custom: requires you to reach out to their sales team

🚀 Bottom Line:

Reply is amazing for its ability to automate and manage messaging across multiple channels, including social media and SMS, making it viable for both B2B and B2C. It’s helpful for reducing response times and simplifying messaging, making it an essential tool for professionals aiming to establish effective two-way communication with their prospects.


Lemlist is a comprehensive multichannel outreach platform, integrating LinkedIn actions into its sequences. This cloud-based tool stands out as an all-in one solution for professionals looking to enhance their cold outreach strategies.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Lemlist:

  • Cold Email Automation: Streamlines the process of sending cold emails.
  • Follow-Up Sequences: Ensures timely follow-ups for maximum engagement.
  • LinkedIn Integration: Sends connection requests and messages via LinkedIn.
  • Email Warmup Tool: Improves deliverability and maintains a high response rate.
  • B2B Database Access: Finds new buyers with advanced filters in a large database.
  • AI Campaign Generator: Allows you to quickly generate personalized campaigns with AI.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Cold Email Automation: $59/month.

Cold Email and LinkedIn: $99/month.

Enterprise: Requires a contact for a custom quote.

Email Warmup: $29/month.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Lemlist’s strengths lie in cold email automation and its LinkedIn integration, making it a valuable tool for those aiming to build verified lead lists and engage with prospects effectively cross-platform.

The platform's advanced features, combined with AI-driven lead targeting, position Lemlist as a key player for businesses seeking to boost deliverability and close more deals through effective multichannel outreach.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is a unique plugin for Gmail and Outlook, tailored for salespeople who require efficiency and precision in their workflow. Established in 2011, this sales enablement platform offers a seamless all-in-one solution for sales productivity, boasting exceptional Salesforce integration.

Key LinkedIn outreach features of Cirrus Insight:

  • Salesforce Integration: Directly syncs with Salesforce, enabling in-inbox updates and data logging.
  • Email and Calendar Event Tracking: Automates the sync of emails, events, and tasks for better insight and reporting.
  • Cadences for Personalized Outreach: Builds tailored communication timelines for prospects.
  • Advanced Calendar Scheduling: Features team scheduling and custom pre-meeting questions, with everything recorded in Salesforce.
  • Email Blast and Smart Scheduler: Enhances outreach capabilities with email templates, tracking, and link tracking.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Salesforce Sync: $14/user/month (billed annually) - Standard bi-directional sync and data storage in Salesforce.

Pro: $21/user/month (billed annually) - Includes advanced sync, scheduling, and inbox sidebar.

Expert: $49/user/month (billed annually) - Offers team scheduling, email blast, and smart scheduler, in addition to Pro features.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Cirrus Insight is the perfect tool for sales professionals who prioritize efficiency in managing customer relationships and value seamless CRM integration. Its capabilities in email tracking, calendar scheduling, and Salesforce integration make it an invaluable tool for maximizing productivity and ensuring no opportunity is missed. 

LinkedIn scraping tools & LinkedIn prospecting tools

Scraping tools are useful for gathering essential data for everything from market research strategies to lead-generation efforts.


Phantombuster is one of the best LinkedIn automation tools due to its data extraction, its code-free automation, and LinkedIn prospecting designed to help you automate tasks on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Instagram, Google, and Twitter, focusing on generating leads, scraping audiences, and automating growth.

Key LinkedIn prospecting features of Phantombuster:

  • LinkedIn Network Booster: Automates sending invitations and connecting with a list of LinkedIn users.
  • LinkedIn Profile Scraper: Gathers data such as names, titles, and positions from LinkedIn profiles.
  • LinkedIn Message Sender: Enables automated sending of personalized messages to LinkedIn connections.
  • LinkedIn Auto Commenter/Liker: Engages automatically with posts of connections and other LinkedIn users.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Trial: 14-day free access, no credit card required.

Starter: $69/month for 20 hours of automation per month.

Pro: $159/month for 80 hours of automation per month.

Team: $439/month for 300 hours of automation per month.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Phantombuster is ideal for users seeking to enhance their LinkedIn prospecting and outreach strategies through automation. It's particularly beneficial for those who need to scrape data and automate interactions on LinkedIn. Just bear in mind it has a learning curve not every one of its featured automations is beginner-friendly.


LeadFuze is a versatile lead generation software that utilizes artificial intelligence to streamline the process of finding and connecting with potential leads. It's designed for sales teams, marketers, and recruiters, offering hyper-targeted lead searches and providing actual contact data, including verified emails and phone numbers.

Key LinkedIn prospecting features of LeadFuze:

  • Market-Based Search: Enables hyper-targeted lead searches with specific criteria.
  • Account-Based Search: Finds specific people or targets specific roles at chosen companies.
  • A.I. + Automation: Automates list building and integrates with CRM and workflow tools.
  • Contact and Data Intelligence: Provides personal and business emails, phone numbers, and social profiles.
  • Integration with Tech Stack: Compatible with popular CRM systems, outreach tools, and social automation systems.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Scaling: Starting at $147/month for 500 lead credits per month.

Unlimited: Starting at $397/month for unlimited lead credits per year.

Custom: Tailored plans for specific needs, including custom lead credits and feature access.

🚀 Bottom Line:

LeadFuze is an ideal tool for small teams in sales, marketing, and recruiting who need to generate leads quickly and efficiently. Its user-friendly interface and powerful integrations make it a valuable asset for lead nurturing and prospecting. 

While it offers a range of advanced features, the tool is best suited for those who require detailed contact information and automated list building, rather than just basic LinkedIn networking.


NetNut is an industry leader in providing professional profile datasets, known for its reliable data extraction capabilities and extensive global coverage. Our service offers immediate access to rich individual profile data, ensuring that you always have current and dependable insights at your fingertips. With our rapid and scalable API, you can access over 650 million individual profiles, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. Our competitive rates and customizable API options allow you to extract specific data points tailored to your needs. From detailed work histories to educational backgrounds, NetNut delivers comprehensive datasets that enhance your market intelligence and strategic planning.

Key LinkedIn prospecting features of NetNut:

  • Immediate Access: Get real-time insights with instant data retrieval.
  • Extensive Coverage: Access a vast network of over 1 million mobile proxies.
  • Customizable API: Tailor data extraction to meet specific business requirements.
  • High-Speed API: Benefit from rapid and scalable data extraction suitable for any business scale.
  • Comprehensive Data: Extract detailed profiles, including job titles, employer names, work histories, and more.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

  • Free Trial: Start with a free trial to experience our data extraction capabilities.
  • Pay-Per-Data: Pay only for successfully retrieved data, ensuring cost-efficiency.
  • Customized Plans: Contact us for tailored plans that fit your specific data needs.

🚀 Bottom Line:

NetNut is the go-to solution for businesses seeking accurate and timely professional profile data. With our robust API and extensive global network, you can enhance your market intelligence, streamline recruitment processes, and stay ahead of industry trends. Our user-friendly platform and competitive pricing make NetNut an indispensable tool for any organization looking to leverage data for strategic growth.


TexAu is a growth automation LinkedIn tool that excels in extracting crucial data and automating tasks to accelerate business scaling. It's particularly adept at LinkedIn automation, offering a suite of features for extracting leads, automating interactions, and enriching data, making it a valuable tool for sales teams and marketers.

Key LinkedIn prospecting features of TexAu:

  • Extract Saved Leads List From Sales Navigator: Pulls profiles from saved Sales Navigator searches.
  • Find Email Using LinkedIn Profile: Scrapes emails from specific LinkedIn profiles.
  • LinkedIn Group Members: Extracts member data from LinkedIn groups for outreach.
  • Auto Endorse, Like, Comment, or Message: Automates interactions for targeted profiles or posts.
  • Data Enrichment and CRM Integration: Enriches contact data and integrates with major CRMs and cold outreach tools.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Cloud Starter: $29/month with 1.5 hours of total execution time per day.

Cloud Growth: $79/month with 4 hours of total execution time per day.

Cloud Agency: $199/month with 10 hours of total execution time per day

🚀 Bottom Line:

TexAu is useful for large data extractions, interaction automation, and lead enrichment for targeted outreach campaigns. 

With its comprehensive automation library and integration capabilities, TexAu is suitable for those who need better LinkedIn lead generation tools and engagement processes, although its execution time limitations should be considered when choosing a plan.


This software made it to our list of the best LinkedIn automation tools because of its specialty in finding business emails and phone numbers to connect with influential personalities in your niche.

Designed to enhance lead generation by automating the process of gathering contact information and integrating seamlessly with LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, and other platforms like Crunchbase and AngelList.

Key LinkedIn prospecting features of AeroLeads:

  • Email and Phone Number Extraction: Finds updated and relevant emails and phone numbers from LinkedIn profiles.
  • Integration with Top CRM Solutions: Works smoothly with CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho, FreshSales, and others.
  • Chrome Extension: Easy-to-use extension for extracting emails and adding prospects from LinkedIn and other websites.
  • Real-Time Email Validation: Ensures the data collected is current and valid.
  • Customizable Messaging: Allows for personalized outreach to prospects.
  • Automate Prospecting with Pro Plugin: Add over 2500 prospects from LinkedIn and Sales Navigator with a single click!

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Take Off: $29 per month for basic lead generation features.

Climb: $59 per month for advanced search and prospecting capabilities.

Cruise: $99 per month for comprehensive lead generation and CRM integration.

Enterprise: $249 per month for full-scale enterprise solutions.

🚀 Bottom Line:

AeroLeads’ strength lies in providing updated contact information and integrating with various CRM platforms, making it a valuable asset for personalized outreach and lead nurturing. 

While its user interface and occasional lag issues may be drawbacks, AeroLeads’ efficiency in extracting and verifying contact details makes it a strong contender for data-hungry strategists.


Evaboot is a LinkedIn tool specializing in exporting leads to CSV files and finding their emails. It's designed to simplify the process of generating ready-for-outreach files, making it a go-to tool for professionals reliant on LinkedIn for lead generation.

Key LinkedIn prospecting features of Evaboot:

  • Export Leads from Sales Navigator: Easily exports leads to CSV, streamlining data management.
  • Data Cleaning: Cleans extracted data, removing emojis, capital letters, and typos.
  • Email Finder and Verifier: Finds and verifies professional emails, increasing outreach accuracy.
  • Team Management: Facilitates collaboration by connecting unlimited Sales Navigator accounts.
  • Lead Quality QA: Identifies unqualified leads in search results.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

  • Basic Plan: $49/month for 2,000 leads.
  • Standard Plan: $99/month for 5,000 leads.
  • Premium Plan: $199/month for 20,000 leads.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Evaboot is an indispensable tool for sales executives and B2B professionals who utilize LinkedIn Sales Navigator for lead generation. Its ability to rapidly extract, clean, and refine leads makes it a valuable asset in building analytically-driven campaigns.  Suitable for both individual professionals and teams, Evaboot stands out for its efficiency in preparing large lead lists, allowing users to focus on building relationships and managing their sales pipelines effectively. 


UpLead is a B2B LinkedIn prospecting tool that excels in providing high-quality contact and company data, essential for effective lead generation. It's designed for those who need real-time email verification, advanced search capabilities, and competitor intelligence.

Key LinkedIn prospecting features of UpLead:

  • Advanced Filtering: Utilizes over 50 filters to streamline prospect searches.
  • Bulk Processing: Manages large volumes of data efficiently.
  • Rich Profiles: Offers detailed insights into leads for better assessment.
  • Technographics: Identifies leads based on the technology they use.
  • Data-driven: Enriches databases with extensive data on prospective leads.
  • Account-Based Marketing: Targets specific accounts for focused lead generation.
  • Real-Time Verification: Ensures email accuracy and deliverability.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Essentials Plan: $99/month.

Plus Plan: $199/month.

All plans include a week-long free trial.

🚀 Bottom Line:

We recommend UpLead to businesses doing B2B prospecting that seek high data accuracy. Its advanced features cater to a range of needs, from technographic analysis to account-based marketing, making it suitable for businesses intent on refining their lead generation and outreach strategies. 


Wiza stands out as a Chrome-based sales outreach tool uniquely designed for seamless integration with LinkedIn's Sales Navigator. This tool simplifies the process of exporting verified leads and email addresses, making it a valuable asset for sales teams looking to enhance their LinkedIn prospecting efforts.

Key LinkedIn prospecting features of Wiza:

  • Sales Navigator Automation: Effortlessly exports leads and emails from Sales Navigator to CSV or CRM.
  • Salesforce Integration: Direct integration with Salesforce to boost outreach campaigns.
  • Profile Finder: Automatically identifies emails for specific LinkedIn profiles.
  • Chrome Extension: Easy setup with the ability to export up to 20 emails for free.
  • Personalized Payment: Tailors payment plans to suit diverse customer needs.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Micro Plan: $30/user/month.

Pro Plan: $50/user/month.

Growth Plan: $100/user/month.

Custom Plan: $125/user/month.

Pay-as-you-go option: 15 cents per valid lead.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Wiza is particularly suited for sales teams and professionals who prioritize efficient lead generation and management. Its ability to provide real-time, accurate contact information, along with its seamless integration with Sales Navigator and various CRMs, makes it a compelling choice for sales outreach.


Crystal offers invaluable insights into the personality traits of your LinkedIn connections. Utilizing advanced AI, Crystal analyzes profiles to predict behavioral patterns, aiding marketers and sales professionals in tailoring their communication strategies for maximum impact.

Key LinkedIn prospecting features of Crystal:

  • AI-Powered Personality Assessment: Analyzes text and responses to predict behavioral patterns.
  • Personalized Interaction Suggestions: Offers tailored communication strategies based on personality insights.
  • LinkedIn and Email Communication Optimization: Advises on the most effective communication channel for each connection.
  • DISC Assessment Integration: Provides basic personality assessments to enhance understanding of connections.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Free Plan: $0/month - Includes DISC assessment, basic profile content, LinkedIn extension, and 10 profile credits.

Premium Plan: $49/month (billed annually) - Offers enhanced profile content, unlimited writing suggestions, and 200 new profile credits/year.

Business Plan: Custom pricing - Tailored for teams, including shared profile libraries, CRM integration, and group admin tools.

Enrichment Plan: Custom pricing - High volume profile credits and direct access to personality data.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Crystal is ideal for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of client behavior and preferences. By providing detailed personality profiles, it empowers users to communicate more effectively, enhancing both personal and team performance in sales and marketing scenarios.

LinkedIn engagement boosters

Engagement boosters are some of the best LinkedIn automation tools for their ability to increase brand awareness through community-led support. Typically users connect their social media accounts and join common interest-based groups and let the platform automatically manage engagement among group members for targeted posts.


Lempod is a LinkedIn tool designed to significantly increase post views and user engagement on your LinkedIn posts. It leverages engagement pods – groups of LinkedIn users who mutually support each other’s content – to amplify the reach and impact of your posts—and everything is fully automated.

Key LinkedIn engagement features of lempod:

  • Join Relevant Engagement Pods: Connect with groups of people ready to support your content with likes and comments, filtered by location and industry.
  • Automated Likes and Comments: lempod’s members can automatically engage with your posts, enhancing visibility and reach.
  • AI-Generated Comments: Choose from AI-generated comments for authentic engagement on your posts.
  • Increased Post Views: Boost your LinkedIn post reach, attracting a broader audience and tracking views/comments/likes dynamics.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Marketplace: $9.99 per pod. Join any number of pods, 3 posts per 24 hours, and create your own pod with up to 50 members.

Private Business Pod: $3.99 per user in a pod, create a company pod, and pay for all members in the pod.

🚀 Bottom Line:

lempod is an ideal LinkedIn automation software for individuals and businesses focusing on recruiting, personal branding, or marketing. It's particularly effective for those looking to amplify their content reach and engagement on LinkedIn.


This tool, similarly to lempod utilizes the power of engagement pods, combined with intelligent automation, to simulate real human interactions, thereby boosting the visibility and impact of your content on LinkedIn.

Key LinkedIn engagement features of Podawaa:

  • Automated Engagement: Simulates real human behavior with automated comments and likes from trusted pod members.
  • Custom Audience Targeting: Personalize your audience with over 15 differentiation criteria.
  • Relevant Comments Algorithm: Utilizes machine learning to select comprehensive and relevant comments.
  • Post Scheduling: Schedule your posts and set up engagement in advance.
  • Engagement Group Selection: Choose from over 2,000 groups to determine who will engage with your post.

💰 Plans and Pricing:

Freemium: $0 per month - Unlimited pods and posts, 100 credits per month.

Pro: $19.99 per month - Unlimited pods and posts, starting at 500 credits.

Advanced: $49.99 per month - Unlimited pods and posts, starting at 2,000 credits.

Pay As You Go: Tailor-made pricing based on individual needs.

🚀 Bottom Line:

We recommend Podawaa for anyone building out personal branding and/or recruiting on LinkedIn. With its ability to schedule posts, customize engagement, and provide insightful analytics, Podawaa will aid your content strategy on LinkedIn.


An engagement booster tool that leverages AI to amplify your content's reach and establish you as an authority in your industry. 

Key LinkedIn engagement features of Linkboost:

  • Targeted Engagement Pods: Join or create pods aligned with your content's theme for relevant audience engagement.
  • Optimized Reach: Increases organic reach by aligning with relevant pods.
  • AI-Powered Engagement: Intelligent comment generation and configurable AI prompts for authentic interactions.
  • Selective Content Curation: Streamlines your LinkedIn feed to focus on industry-relevant content.
  • LinkedIn Analytics: Offers real-time KPI monitoring and visual data representation for performance optimization.

💰 Plans and Pricing:

Free: $0/month - 3 posts/month, 1 post/day, join unlimited pods, basic analytics.

Premium: $39/month - 30 posts/month, 1 post/day, 5 pods to boost your post, advanced features like AI comments.

Plus: $59/month - 60 posts/month, 2 posts/day, 20 pods to boost your post, all premium features.

Enterprise: Custom pricing for managing multiple LinkedIn accounts with tailored features.

🚀 Bottom Line:

Whether you're into recruiting, personal branding, or marketing, Linkboost's AI-driven approach ensures your posts get the engagement boost attention from a targeted audience. Its ability to curate content, generate insightful comments, and provide detailed analytics makes it a powerful tool.

LinkedIn content tools


AuthoredUp is a LinkedIn tool offering a suite of features focused on enhancing LinkedIn posts, detailed analytics, content suggestions, and scheduling capabilities, all designed to help you write better content and expand reach on the platform.

Key LinkedIn content features of AuthoredUp:

  • Content Aggregation and Analysis: Gathers and evaluates engagement metrics of LinkedIn posts.
  • AI-Driven Content Enhancement: Proposes keywords, hashtags, and optimizes post titles for increased interaction.
  • Post Preview and Scheduling: Allows previewing and scheduling posts for future publication.
  • Collaboration Tools: Facilitates team efforts in content creation and management.
  • Comprehensive Content Library: Provides a vast array of templates and ideas for post creation.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Free Plan: Offers basic features for up to 10 posts per month.

Individual Plan: $14.95/month - Includes unlimited posting and advanced features.

Team Plan: $11.95/month per seat - Designed for teams, offering team management tools and custom reporting.

🚀 Bottom Line:

AuthoredUp is for professionals looking to elevate their LinkedIn presence and maximize their outreach. Its powerful combination of content optimization, scheduling tools, and collaborative features makes it a must-have for those focused on creating impactful LinkedIn content.


Taplio helps users enhance their social selling strategy and write better content with advanced AI features. Designed to streamline content creation, relationship building, and analytics, Taplio offers a comprehensive solution for maximizing LinkedIn engagement and visibility.

Key LinkedIn content features of Taplio:

  • AI-Powered Content Generation: Provides AI-assisted ideas for post creation.
  • Viral Post Library: Access to a vast collection of high-performing LinkedIn posts.
  • Automated Post Scheduling: Enables efficient planning and posting of LinkedIn content.
  • Outreach Automation: Streamlines contact list creation and engagement with prospects.
  • Advanced LinkedIn Analytics: Offers insights into content performance and audience engagement.

💸 Plans and Pricing:

Starter: $39/month (billed yearly) - Ideal for getting started with LinkedIn content, includes basic analytics and advanced scheduling.

Standard: $52/month (billed yearly) - Offers AI content creation assistance, relationship-building tools, and team features.

Pro: $149/month (billed yearly) - Suitable for top LinkedIn creators, providing access to a vast lead database and higher limits on AI and relationship-building features.

🚀 Bottom Line:

With its blend of AI-driven content creation, efficient scheduling, and insightful analytics, Taplio is ideal for LinkedIn creators, consultants, CEOs, and marketing influencers looking to write better content on LinkedIn.

Choosing the right tool – browser vs. cloud

When it comes to LinkedIn automation, you've got two main paths: Cloud-based and Browser-based tools. Each has its perks and pitfalls, and understanding these can help you make an informed choice.

Infrastructure Differences:

  • Cloud-Based: These tools run on servers managed by the provider. Your outreach activities, like sending connection requests and messages, are queued and executed on these servers. Your computer essentially becomes a remote viewer, not the primary actor.
  • Browser-Based: Here, your local computer's resources are used for LinkedIn outreach. This can slow down your computer, especially if you're running multiple accounts or applications.

Cost Implications:

  • Cloud-Based: Generally more expensive, as you're using someone else's computing resources, which includes hardware, hosting, and maintenance. The upside? Reliability, scalability, and secure data backup.
  • Browser-Based: More budget-friendly, especially if you're running a single account or have a spare computer.

24/7 Availability:

  • Cloud-Based: Your automation runs continuously, even if your computer is off. This "always-on" feature means your LinkedIn activities keep running, even when you're not actively online.
  • Browser-Based: Requires your computer to be on and connected. If your system goes to sleep or loses internet, your automation pauses.

Browser Compatibility:

  • Cloud-Based: Typically more flexible with browser choice, though initial setup might require a specific browser like Chrome.
  • Browser-Based: Often limited to certain browsers, like Chrome, which might be a constraint for users of other browsers.

Account Safety and LinkedIn Detection:

  • Technical Detection: Some Cloud-based tools might be detectable by LinkedIn, especially if they operate in 'Headless mode.' However, others mimic a genuine browser environment to reduce detection risk.
  • Behavioral Detection: LinkedIn can flag accounts for abnormal usage patterns, regardless of the tool type. It's crucial to maintain activity levels that mimic human behavior.

User Interface and Data Management:

  • Cloud-Based: This might require learning how to feed prospects into the tool, and responses may not always sync with your LinkedIn profile.
  • Browser-Based: Runs directly within LinkedIn, ensuring all activity and responses are recorded on your profile, reducing the risk of data loss.

Privacy Considerations:

  • Cloud-Based: Some tools might require your LinkedIn login details, which goes against LinkedIn's terms of service.
  • Browser-Based: Typically operates directly through your LinkedIn account without needing to share login details.

The decision will ultimately depend on your specific scenario.


Hope you’ve enjoyed our extensive list of the best LinkedIn automation tools in 2024. While it may seem there are an infinite number of tools, you only need 1-2 powerful general tools to tackle most obstacles you’ll find in typical LinkedIn campaigns.

A good Linkedin Messaging Automation tool like HeyReach will help you automate most of the lead generation and customer engagement activities, while a second tool will handle specialized tasks—think scraping tools, engagement boosters, or AI-powered content tools.

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