HeyReach Review & Tutorial: How to Scale LinkedIn Outreach

Ilija Stojkovski
June 18, 2024
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We've prepared an in-depth HeyReach review where you can find all the important information about this popular LinkedIn outreach tool and explore its capabilities for agencies and sales teams. 

If you're looking to streamline your prospecting on LinkedIn and generate qualified leads, HeyReach might be the answer. We'll not only analyze its features but also provide a step-by-step walkthrough to get you started with running effective LinkedIn outreach campaigns. 

HeyReach at a glance

If you are tired of juggling multiple LinkedIn accounts and struggling to manage outreach at scale, HeyReach is a made-for-you solution. This LinkedIn outreach tool is designed to empower lead gen agencies and sales teams to break through outreach limitations with a powerful suite of features, all at a transparent, flat-fee pricing structure… all while respecting LinkedIn rules and not getting you banned in the process.

First think that’s very cool, especially for lead gen agencies, is HeyReach’s pricing. There are two options, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. 

HeyReach pricing

The first one is the basic option and includes all their features, unlimited access, and a 14-day free trial to test this tool. The price is 79/month per one LinkedIn account. 

The second option is more suitable for agencies. With this ‘’Special Agency Offer’’ you can choose which plan better works for you. Best part of this plan? The fact you can scale your business in a very affordable way.

The first plan is 799$ /month and the offer includes: 

  • Up to 50 accounts
  • API, Webhooks, Whitelabel
  • You provide your proxies (If you don’t have proxies, there is a custom offer also)

The second plan is $1499 /month and the offer includes: 

  • Unlimited accounts (Up to 500 accounts, but can be arranged more)
  • Premium support
  • You provide your proxies

Now let’s see what are HeyReach pros and cons:

  • Effortless Scaling: You can easily eliminate complex multi-account administration. Its auto-sender rotation allows you to effortlessly send your campaigns across many LinkedIn accounts providing optimum efficiency while maintaining privacy. HeyReach obeys all Linkedin rules and guidelines, and this is the main reason all users are safe and won’t get fagged. 
  • Unified Inbox: Say goodbye to chaotic inboxes and unread messages. HeyReach centralizes all your LinkedIn outreach activity into a unified inbox, allowing you to manage messages, connection requests, respond on other people’s behalf, and campaign performance effortlessly. 
  • Complete LinkedIn Automation: Automate all steps, from sending connection requests and personalized messages to viewing profiles and liking posts.
  • Streamlined Workflow: Export leads into your CRM, saving time and organizing all your data. Advanced integration with Zapier, Clay, Apollo, Smartlead, Instantly, HubSpot, Pipedrive, and GoHighLeve enables you to effortlessly merge your outreach efforts into the rest of your workflow. 
  • Actionable Insights: You can track your outreach performances and gain valuable insights with their clean reports.
  • Simple and Secure: HeyReach works securely in the cloud, ensuring that your data is protected and in compliance with LinkedIn's guidelines. Furthermore, flat-fee pricing ensures predictable expenses with no hidden fees. 

While HeyReach excels in core LinkedIn outreach functionalities, it's important to consider a few drawbacks:

  • No Multichannel Outbound: HeyReach focuses on LinkedIn outreach, which means they don’t have don't have built-in email marketing functionalities. If your strategy incorporates email outbound, you may need to integrate with a separate platform.
  • No Advanced AI: It’s still in the developing stage, but for now you can automate some of the outreach tasks.
  • Young and Growing: Some administrative features, such as team roles and client reporting, are not available yet.

HeyReach feature overview

Now let's delve deeper into the specific features that make it such an interesting tool for lead gen agencies and sales teams. 

1. LinkedIn Outreach

When you create an account on the HeyReach platform, the first thing you will see is the main dashboard where you can track the performance of your LinkedIn outreach campaigns.

HeyReach dashboard

In the left-right corner is the taskbar where you can find the Linkedin button. After you click on it, you will have an insight into connected accounts, and you will have the option to add more users.

HeyReach add LinkedIn accounts

Here's the overview of all the LinkedIn actions you have at your disposal: 

  • Send a connection request
  • Send a message
  • Send an InMail
  • View a profile
  • Like a post
HeyReach LinkedIn Actions

When you are happy with the campaign flow, and all components are fine, click on the ‘’Launch Campaign’’ and… Boom! The last step is done. Now your campaign's ready to roll.

2. Scale outreach with account-rotation

One of HeyReach's most powerful features, and a true power move for lead generation and sales teams, is the auto-rotation of senders. This unique differentiator allows you to safely leverage multiple LinkedIn accounts within your campaigns.

With auto-rotation, you can bypass daily sending limits by leveraging multiple, connected LinkedIn accounts. This is a critical advantage considering recent LinkedIn changes (May 2023) and ensures safe, compliant outreach. 

Besides this, they follow best practices so your messages don’t end up in the Other tab, keeping your outreach effective. So, no red flag has risen. 

Plus, it mimics natural engagement, as recipients receive messages from different profiles, potentially increasing response rates.

3. Unified Inbox

Managing hundreds of LinkedIn inboxes at the same time sounds like a recipe for burnout. 

HeyReach's Unified Inbox reduces the complexity by collecting all of your LinkedIn conversations into a single, easy-to-use hub. No more switching accounts or anxiously hunting for messages; everything is centralized for optimal efficiency. 

Plus, collaborate seamlessly with your team! You can even draft and send messages on behalf of your teammate, keeping everyone in the loop.

HeyReach Unified Inbox

Additionally, HeyReach allows you to easily manage chats with tags, filters, and reminders. Keep track of your outreach activities, prioritize prospects, and guarantee no messages go unanswered - all from a single, streamlined workspace.

4. Export leads

HeyReach improves your lead generation by making it easy to export key connections directly from LinkedIn. Go to ‘’Add new prospects’’, choose what import method works best for you and your type of LinkedIn account, and then select ‘’Continue’’.

HeyReach Export Leads

You will see that you can personalize prospects, and choose the location, desired keyword, industry, and connection’s degrees. Hit 'Start Prospecting' and get ready to see results roll in - no sweat required! 

HeyReach effortlessly integrates with numerous LinkedIn sources, allowing you to capture leads from: 

  • LinkedIn Search: Target your ideal prospects with advanced search filters on LinkedIn, then effortlessly add them to your HeyReach prospecting list with a single click.
  • Sales Navigator: Leverage the power of Sales Navigator to identify high-value leads, and with a few clicks, seamlessly transfer them to your HeyReach campaign for personalized outreach.
  • LinkedIn Groups: Engage with relevant industry groups on LinkedIn, and effortlessly add promising connections directly to your HeyReach prospect pool.
  • LinkedIn Recruiter: If you're a recruiter wielding the power of LinkedIn Recruiter, HeyReach lets you effortlessly export those valuable leads directly into your HeyReach workflow. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures you can personalize outreach messages for maximum impact.
  • LinkedIn Events: Stay ahead of the curve by attending industry events on LinkedIn. HeyReach allows you to export attendee information, letting you follow up with potential connections who share your interests.
  • LinkedIn Engagement: Export leads who interacted on a specific post, filter out qualified ones, and reach out to them.

This kind of flexibility allows you to get qualified leads from every corner of your LinkedIn network.

5. Reporting

HeyReach makes data visualization a breeze, transforming complex metrics into clear, easy-to-understand insights. This way, you can easily track key performance indicators (KPIs) and gain actionable intelligence to fuel your LinkedIn success. 

With a simple click, you can access detailed reports that track a range of crucial metrics, including KPIs such as: 

  • Connection Requests Sent & Accepted: You can measure the effectiveness of your outreach efforts by monitoring how many connection requests you send and how many are accepted.
  • Message Sent & Reply Rates: Track how many messages you sent, and how many messages are replied to. 
  • InMail: HeyReach tracks how many InMails are sent, and how many came up with replies. 
HeyReach LinkedIn Reports

You may export reports for additional research, filter by campaign or timeframe, and go deeper into particular metrics thanks to the intuitive UI. You can determine what's working, what needs to be adjusted, and how to accomplish your LinkedIn goals more quickly with this kind of transparency.

HeyReach Pricing

HeyReach throws out the traditional pricing models and embraces a transparent, flat-fee structure. This means no hidden costs, no surprises, just one predictable price for unlimited LinkedIn outreach across all your connected accounts. It's a game-changer for both lead gen agencies and sales teams, allowing you to scale your efforts without worrying about exceeding per-account limits.

HeyReach Reviews

Here’s what lead gen agencies and sales teams have to say about HeyReach.

  1. Lead Gen Agency 
HeyReach Reviews

This was a comment from a local digital marketing agency owner who used HeyReach to reach a wider audience and gather leads from LinkedIn. They got high-quality leads, extracted up to 1,000 results per search, and connected several LinkedIn profiles.

  1. B2B Leads 

This B2B Lead Generator considered HeyReach to be an effective lead-generation tool. With the help of several filters, including industries and phrases, they were able to compile lists of possible users.

  1. Trust Pilot Reviews 

I can’t lie, user reviews from Trust Pilot are amazing! People say that this tool for LinkedIn automation is a great solution, especially for people who want to link more than one account and run multiple campaigns.

HeyReach Reviews

HeyReach isn't just getting rave reviews from its users, it's also generating a buzz on LinkedIn! Here's what some users are saying:

HeyReach Reviews
HeyReach Reviews
HeyReach ReviewsHeyReach Reviews

You can also check out some of the HeyReach video reviews posted by one of our users:

How to start with HeyReach?

You can easily test everything you’ve just read in this article by simply signing up for a free trial. The onboarding is smooth, the setup is easy, and HeyReach won’t ask for your credit card.

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