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How we SAFELY send 1000+ invites per week on LinkedIn (The New Method - 2023)

Nikola Velkovski
January 16, 2024
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The LinkedIn outreach game is changing. Back in the days (pre-2021), LinkedIn’s was a Wild West. You were able to blast hundreds of connection requests and messages per day. Everyone was living the dream, until one day - poof… LinkedIn limited everyone to sending only 100 connections per week. However, the LinkedIn automation tools back in the days found a loophole (called “invite via email”) and bypassed those limits. Everyone was able to send 100 connection requests per day, without any issue. This thing lasted until a couple of months ago.

The death of LinkedIn spray & pray (May 2023)

You cannot fool the giant forever. The things changed again a couple of months ago. Mid-june, we noticed that LinkedIn introduced another limit, and officially - killed the spray & pray approach. The “invite via email”, “invite via mobile” or whatever ways of connecting with people stopped bypassing the initial limits. Everyone got back to sending 100-200 connection requests per week.

Where HeyReach stands here

Well, this was one of the reasons why we built HeyReach, initially. We knew that this loophole will come to an end. We hate spray & praying, but we love scalability.
HeyReach is made for collaboration and scalability. With HeyReach, you can send theoretically unlimited connection requests and messages on daily basis, without bypassing the LinkedIn limits.
The secret? Something we call "multiple senders" or “account rotation” ( called it inbox rotation).

Account rotation (or multiple senders) means that instead of having one LinkedIn account per one outreach campaign, you can connect multiple LinkedIn accounts on the same outreach campaign. Then, all of the people you plan to reach out to will be automatically “spread between all of the sender accounts”, allowing you to scale your outreach in the safest way possible.

How HeyReach re-invented the LinkedIn outreach

Let’s say you have a list of 1000 prospects you want to do reach out to. If you use any other LinkedIn tool on the market, you’ll be able to automate only one LinkedIn account, as all of the tools are built for individual users.
This way, you’ll be able to send 20-40 invites per day, which will results in connecting with all of the 1000 prospects in 25-50 days.

💡 However, let’s say you are using HeyReach, and you have 10 employees in your company. You can invite all of them to connect their own LinkedIn account in HeyReach, and you can manage all of their accounts on their behalf - in the easiest way possible.

Now, you can connect all of their 10 LinkedIn accounts on the same outreach campaign, and have all of them automatically reach out to the 1000 prospects in a round-robin algorithm.
Account 1 will reach to Prospect 1, then Account 2 will reach out to Prospect 2, and so on.

🏹 This way, instead of 25-50 days, you will be able to send 200-400 invites per day, and connect with the 1000 prospects in less than 5 days. 

This is 10x faster than using the other LinkedIn tools on the market, and all of the accounts remain safe as you’re never trying to bypass the LinkedIn limits.

How we send 1000+ LinkedIn invites per week

We use HeyReach to sell HeyReach. All of the 15 people in our team have their accounts connected to HeyReach, and our sales team utilizes all of them in our outreach sequences on their behalf. This approach totally makes sense, as the whole team is targeting a consistent ICP, and we get results 13x faster than anyone else.

With this account rotation approach, just in July (the worst month for sales), we booked 66 meetings. Handled by one sales person who was also doing sales calls in the mean time.

🤯 Crazy, right?

Our strategy is simple:

🐋 When we are reaching out to potential partners or bigger agencies, mostly mine, my co-founder’s and our Head of Growth’s accounts are used in that outreach sequence.
🐇 When we are reaching out to smaller agencies or sales teams - we use the accounts of our sales team and the lead engineers. So far, we’ve been seeing some great results with this approach.

Also, HeyReach has super-detailed analytics, allowing you to compare how all of your accounts in the same campaign perform, so you can see which account may need additional improvements (profile optimization, more content, SSI score increase, etc.).


Oh, I almost forgot… We’re running an limited agency offer, allowing you to connect and manage unlimited number of LinkedIn accounts in HeyReach, for a fixed monthly price.

This way, you’ll be able to scale your agency indefinitely and manage unlimited number of LinkedIn accounts, for a fixed monthly cost.

The offer will be available only for the first 50 agencies. If interested, feel free to jump on a call with Ilija, our Head of Growth, and request a trial.